Four Categories of Online Slots

The brilliant and engaging world of online slots is assorted to an enormous degree. There is such a broad range of categories of slot game titles these days, that every preference an online gambler could possibly have, will almost certainly be catered for. This hasn’t always been the case, of course, but signs were definitely there.

Land-based slot machines have exhibited a plethora of different categories for as long as we can remember, so it was only inevitable that their internet-based descendants would follow suit. It happened so quickly that many of us barely noticed; gaming developers obtained the necessary technology to bring a vast array of themed slot games to our electronic devices. There are too many categories to discuss in one article, but we will outline some of the different and exciting categories of online casino slots featured at the popular UK slots site Goldrush.

Classic Slots – 3 Reelers

Generally, slots have moved on somewhat from the traditional 3-reel fruit machines often found in pubs and arcades decades ago. Nevertheless, some software developers still choose to hang on to the retro theme, as this category of slots likely brings a warm sense of nostalgia for many gamblers. Playing an online slot game such as WGS’ Lucky Irish demonstrates the appeal of an old-fashioned simple 3-reel game to perfection.

Progressive Jackpot Linked Online Slots

Some of the greatest gambling wins ever have been thanks to some of the Mega Bucks machines in Las Vegas, so don’t underestimate the potential to win big from online slots. The biggest prizes are down to progressive jackpots. This term describes a jackpot that is linked to a slot game, and with every loss on any machine in the local network, the jackpot increases in value. If you think about that for a second… that’s a constant increase for every single reel spin loss; then it’s no surprise that these progressive jackpot prizes can regularly reach sums of £10m and more.

It’s no different for online slots. There are many progressive jackpot-linked casino slots out there, and winning one of the jackpots could genuinely be life-changing. Our recommendation for jackpot slots has to be Microgaming’s impressive collection.

3D Online Slots

3D graphics has to be one of the most significant technological developments of the last decade. Prior to 3D, games appeared relatively basic, as it is notoriously challenging to properly capture a theme in just 2D visuals.

3D added a whole new dimension literally, and this has had a huge impact on the popularity of internet-based slots. Spinning those reels is just more enjoyable in 3D, there is no doubt about it, and for this reason, 3D slots are a highly popular category.

Mobile Slot Games

The last half a decade has seen a massive rise in the popularity of mobile phone supported slots. It wasn’t such a long time ago that it was impossible to log into an online casino and play your favourite online slots from a mobile device, and in the early days of this possibility it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience either. Today, thankfully, mobile slots are available in superior quality and as popular – if not more popular – than desktop-based slots.