James Feldkamp – Why You Should Always Buy Yourself a Christmas Present

Christmas shopping is something which, when you strip it down to its bare bones, is a very selfless and wonderful thing that we all do, searching to buy presents for the people that we love. Just last week in fact I went out with my mate James Feldkamp to get things started and over a lunchtime coffee we got to talking about buying gifts for ourselves. Now whilst many would consider this slightly selfish given that the idea of present buying is to pick up gifts for others, it is still something which we both agreed as being necessary, and here is why.

Why Not?

We work hard all year long, we are trying our best to save money where possible so why shouldn’t we use the opportunity to go Christmas shopping as a chance to pick up something new and exciting for ourselves? As long as the spending on one’s own present doesn’t mean that we then can’t buy a present for someone else, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a splurge on yourself.

Chance to Spend

More often than not we remain frugal throughout the year, second guessing items that we want too buy, asking ourselves if we can really afford it. With Christmas however we always seem to save well and allocate money for that and that alone. With this in mind then it is the perfect time to spontaneously pick up something for yourself as you Christmas shop, to put a little smile on our faces. Most of us don’t splash and spend all year around, so Christmas provides us with a great opportunity to get out and buy ourselves something nice.


I’m not ashamed to say that I feel jealous of my friends and family when I am buying them gifts, and this is usually the motivating force behind me buying something for number 1. They say that jealous is not a nice characteristic but if it means that I can bag myself something new, and do so off my own back, then I have absolutely no issue with it whatsoever. If you are so jealous that you only buy yourself a Christmas present and that you decide to cancel the others, this is an indication that you may have a little too much jealousy inside you.

Get What You Want

The best part about buying a Christmas gift for yourself is that you can guarantee that it will be something that you will love. People do their best at Christmas time to get something that you will like and let’s be honest, it can be hit and miss. To avoid this simply pick up something for yourself as you are doing the Christmas shopping and you can guarantee that it will be something which you absolutely love.

Go on, don’t let me be the only one!