Gambling and Emotions: What You Need to Know

Gambling and Emotions: What You Need to Know

In gambling, the chances of winning and the risks of losing are undeniable. But most gamblers just smile and confidently claim that it’s the fun of gambling. However, gambling is very powerful in ways that gamblers don’t see because they are blinded by the thought of winning and making big bucks. If you let gambling manipulate you, you could be a loser without you realizing it.

The reason why many problems arise in gambling, especially when you lose, is the fact that gambling attacks the emotions of the gambler. Once you get attached and addicted to gambling, losing will be a big deal and can affect your life because it ignites strong emotions from you.


Anger and Frustration

During a losing streak, gamblers can feel a strong surge of anger and frustration. They may feel angry at themselves and the situation that they are in, especially if they are no longer making money.


Despite the anger they feel, a strong feeling of pride will overcome the gambler and make them unable to accept they lost. Pride will convince them they are a fighter and gamble more until the last buck they have.


If gamblers still fail to achieve what they want in gambling, strong feelings of shame are felt. This is a feeling of disgrace towards their family and friends who could laugh at them for failing in a venture they have chosen over their family relationships and career.


The gambler, overwhelmed with shame, could then be engulfed with the feeling of fear. Fear that he may not be able to pay back all his debts, fear of poverty, fear of being rejected by the family and the whole society. He will try to isolate himself, away from judgmental eyes.

Sadness and Despair

In isolation, the gambler will usually feel gripped by sadness. This is the time when he will regret every decision he made, except that he can never stand back up and get back what he lost over gambling, etc. And to ease the sadness he feels, he would usually turn to alcohol.

Anxiety and Depression

Strong feelings of sadness and despair, plus the negative effects of too much alcohol in the body can trigger even deeper and more serious emotions such as anxiety and depression. The gambler will now display a behavior that of someone having no will to live. What’s worse is, the suicidal tendency is much higher now.

Strong negative emotions brought by gambling is a serious matter. It should be controlled as early as possible. Manipulate your emotions instead of your emotions manipulating you. Gambling online offers excellent bonuses that won’t burden your finances. This way, you won’t have to lose control over your emotions that easily. Read about mybet casino and get a hold of your emotions.