Gaming and Gambling: Loot Boxes Are Fine as Long as You Make Money from It

The outcry of loot boxes has received much media attention with concern over the future of the gaming industry. All ears have been drawn to the announcements from regulation bodies that are keen to curb the spread of the seeming menace as portrayed by rival companies. In complete contrast, however, the invention has put many in a happy knack. For now, the question of illegality relative to the benefits still lingers in the minds of many.

The Storm in a Teacup

The wild wind of loot boxes has made investigations open with conservative countries such as Netherlands and Japan taking a back step in its promotion. Its shunning comes as a result of the exploitation that follows its use with ambitious players purchasing more virtual items to aid them in redeeming characters. It matters little to players for such concerns as the ultimate goal of such activities is winning, and well, the end justifies the means.

The concealment while purchasing the free to play games comes with strings attached. This is because one requires special items to be able to play effectively. It is the clothing of these features in eye-catching presentations that has people baited. Further, the commitment of a few dollars seems like a small price to pay. However, with time, you fall into a trance and the commitment of dollars appeals to you as a necessity.

The Overhaul of Benefits

With the scrutiny of loot boxes taking over the spotlight, it is easy to overlook the enchanting benefits. For players to spend dollars, then the profits or achievements for the purchase should justify the course. Discussions have been made on the relevance of such features and the effects of such purchase decisions to the younger generation. On the bright side, developers are not the only ones lurking with joy over this amusement.

Turning Lemon into Lemonades

There is a big chance that the items you get from redeeming the loot box would be ones that you need to achieve your mission. This not only involves dealing with a catch-22 situation but also nurtures one on the skills of making wise decisions. The very fact that loot boxes have a prize no matter how uncertain the outcome is cannot be likened to gambling. As such, whether the prize is big or small, loot boxes show that life decisions are not always guaranteed and one has to work with what comes their way.

An Independent Choice

There is freedom to participate in the real money games like provided at and no one holds a gun to your head when it comes to engaging in such amusements. The epic choice also allows you to have the option of redeeming the credit points that you have gathered throughout the experience. Accumulating such points is free and only involves getting over hurdles that are placed on the path. Thankfully, children can engage without being hawking their eyes on their parent’s money.

The Big Spectrum

The furore that meets loot boxes has not made developers shy. With an interest in serving the needs of their customers, they have explained the effect of having the loot boxes in their games. The platform is to enable one to have a better chance at winning with the redeemed prizes. To avoid the sequel of duplicate prizes that do not increase your chances of unlocking challenges, developers have devised methods of eliminating such a possibility. With an aim to make the experience delightful and engaging with refreshing ideas, the creators have gone back to the drawing board to deduce ways in which such prizes are unique with every experience. This has been difficult given the limit in the content within the gaming industry. However, speculations bring upon hopes of innovation in every possible manner and obtaining the same token twice is merely coincidental.

The Powerful Vault

To enable the prizes to unlock different powers, there have been efforts to make this possible. By having updates, new ideas are incorporated in the diversions. With such a view, the occasion is not only fresh but also spawns interest to the player. That said, loot boxes cannot be compared to gambling as the value is obtained on the redeeming. This cannot be seen as a scheme as there is value for your money and every dollar counts. The big changes in the gaming world are to be seen in effect through the introduction of the loot boxes that have extended possibilities with features that were previously constrained.

The Verdict

By inclining more towards the positive aspect, the boxes are to be celebrated and not shunned for the simple reason that they facilitate more enhancements. Further, the choice is independent, and the fervour that has made the developers on the headlines is debatable. The fulfilment that has been imported from the concept is captivating, and the ability to choose is quite important. Regulations made against loot boxes should be for the sake of curbing exploitation and not as a means of eliminating the concept all in all. Competitors will not be hesitant in casting the developers who cast such inventions in their games but with regulators who know the rules of the game, the right cards will be used.