Summer Is The Time To Re-Shingle Your Roof!

Summer is here, and that means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about new shingles on your roof. The winter weather has taken a toll on your shingles year after year, and if it’s been more than ten years since you had your roof replaced then re-shingling should be in order very soon. Even if it has been less time, it might be a good idea to take a look and see if everything’s up to snuff with your roof in order to prevent leaks and potential damage to your home. Even if your roof isn’t leaking right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be fine for the coming winter. Additionally, an intact and well insulated roof with good ventilation means a lower heating bill because of fewer leaks in your home and better airflow and heat efficiency.

The weather in the summer is far more conducive to installing roofing materials, and also typically allows the work to be done without much hassle. No one wants to climb up and re-shingle a roof when it’s below freezing and there’s sleet, and anyway, such conditions are definitely not conducive to shingle installation because it can also damage the materials. Cold weather causes shingles to contract, meaning that they will expand and crack when the weather grows warmer. It’s true that reliable roofing contractors should be available and willing to work all year round, but if you’re strategic and plan in advance, then you’ll save everyone a headache by scheduling the work for summer or early autumn.

Late summer is the best season in Toronto for replacing your roof, but because that’s the case it might be hard to find roofing services which aren’t fully booked at that time. Therefore, earlier in the summer might be a better time to have it done just so it’s out of the way and you don’t face any trouble finding contractors. The hotter weather might make your roofing crew sweat a bit more, but it’s still better if you decide to re-shingle your roof in July and not on New Year’s Day. There are a few minor maintenance jobs you can take care of in the meantime, and if you research tips for taking care of your roof then you may be able to clear your eaves and evict any animals that may have invaded your roof to make life easier for the contractors when they come to re-shingle.

Installation of a roof ideally requires weather over 7°C, so that the asphalt shingles can properly adhere to your roof. This ensures that an airtight barrier is formed to protect your home more effectively from the elements, which is, of course, vital to ensuring that you don’t have to deal with leakage or draft issues from rain or snow. Even if experts are working on your roof, cold shingles break easier and won’t end up creating a proper seal. Summer is the perfect time then, because the weather is almost always warm enough to properly apply asphalt shingles.
Winters are cold in Toronto, and the fall weather isn’t always much better either. This makes it vital to finish any roofing work that your home needs over the summer months because it’s definitely the best time to do so.