Why You Should Get Your CPR Training

CPR training
Photo by CC user SmartSign on Flickr.

There are many different types of cerfications you can receive and courses that you can take, even when you’re not in the medical field. This is because many of the certifications that are standard practice for medical professionals are also needed outside of the clinic or hospital. One of these said certifications is CPR training. A well known and often offered course, CPR training is available pretty much everywhere, especially in large cities. If you’re in the Phoenix area, or plan to be, then the  CPR classes Phoenix has to offer are second to none. Before you attend your first class however, take a look at a few reasons below as to why you should be trained in the first place.

Applying for employment

Whether or not you’re looking to join the medical community, you’ll find that many places of work either recommend or require CPR training in order to become part of their workforce. When applying for a position, you’ll most likely find that those who already have completed their training through classes are more likely to get the job. Sometimes certifications such as this also improve your odds of receiving a higher starting salary.

Having kids in the family

Although when most people think of performing CPR, they visualize an older person being assisted by a paramedic or doctor, that’s not always the case. In fact, if you have children in your life, knowing a bit of CPR is crucial in life saving events. If you plan on working in a professional setting with children of any age, you’ll find that you’ll need CPR training in order to be hired, or you could be hired on the premise that you’ll complete your training within the first 6 months of working at that center or home. Even when looking for a babysitting position, you’ll find that most parents would like you to have completed a recent class.

It’s easy to learn

When learning CPR you’ll find that there are two different types, mouth to mouth CPR and hands-only CPR. When completing your CPR training, you’ll find that the hands-only method is very easy to learn and to remember until you decide to take a refresher course.

Most heart attacks happen at home

When looking at the facts and figures, most heart attacks occur at home, in fact about 85 percent of them do. This in itself serves as a great reason to obtain a CPR certification through a CPR training course. If you find that a person within your household, or even a neighbor is having a heart attack, you’ll be able to quickly preform CPR as you wait for the ambulance to make their way to you. If you’re not certified, you’ll end up having to wait for the first responders to arrive, which can decrease the chance of recovery. This is also true if you’re in a store or at a public event.

When looking at reasons why you should receive some sort of CPR training, you’ll find many more than the ones listed on this page. You’ll also find stories of CPR training success, in and out of the home.