Psychological Preparedness for Monthly Savings

It’s important that you prepare for retirement, especially at those times in life when nothing is certain. Past economic reforms have not really improved things for retirees, and the increasing economic crises do not bode well for your future finances.


You should absolutely consider saving each month to prepare for your “later days”. The amount that you save plus the interest that it generates will allow you to boost your pension. You can put that money in a life insurance policy or an annuity to really get the most out of it.

Now is the time to work out how much to save each month. The answer to this question depends on several factors and these factors dictate the attitude you need to adopt when it comes to your finances and savings. Indeed, saving will involve major changes in your life but above all, your potential savings is based on your income, both assets and liabilities.

Take a responsible decision

Do not take this decision to save lightly, you must be prepared psychologically, there will be work to do, for which you must make efforts, keep an iron clad will and strong motivation.

In addition, you must make many changes in your life, changes that you must get used to. Also keep in mind that you are doing it in a responsible manner, your efforts will not be productive if you feel any pressure. There is no point saving if throughout the duration of it you are feeling frustrated, if this is the case then you will lose sight of what is important, being comfortable once you’ve retired.

You should also make sure not to touch your savings after you’ve them to one side. If you are worried that you won’t be able to be strong enough to put this money away then it could be worth setting up a direct bank transfer to your savings account that sends the money automatically once you’ve been paid. Better yet, secure it in an escrow account if you doubt your discipline.

Calculate Your Monthly Budget

You cannot work out how much to save per month before knowing your monthly expenses. Everything must fit into the calculations: rent, bank fees, health, shopping (with coupon codes it’s possible to minimize this), transport, etc.

Include pocket money, which you spend from time to time for your little pleasures, which are difficult to predict but worth over estimating for the benefit of your calculations. Just because you will be making monthly savings,  you don’t have to write off these expenses. It is essential that you feel alive and free to still live your life.

Adopt a Frugal Lifestyle

Get used to living in frugal mode. This behavior will allow you to better manage your budget. You will be sure to manage until the end of the month if you evaluate the importance of each of your purchases before taking action. Moreover, always choose the cheapest product, which does not mean you should stop paying attention to their quality, just that you should scrutinize each dollar spent.

Start Early

It is important that you start saving as early as possible, doing so means that you will have to put less aside each month and that you will have more to cash in on once you reach retirement age.

Some may not start saving until about fifty. It is feasible for those who earn a higher salary to have a decent sized lump of cash when they retire but they would indeed have to save a monthly amount well above 2,000 dollars to quickly obtain a livable yield and benefit from early retirement.