Get Social in a New Feel for Your Hair

Extensions offer a New Feel for Your Hair

Photo by CC user anemoneprojectors on Flickr

Is it time that you got yourself a new hairdo? Are you looking for ways to shave the back of your neck?

For many women, there comes that day (oftentimes more than one) when they decide that it is in fact time for a new style.

So, will they opt for something rather simple? Will they instead go all-out and get something completely different than what they have had up to this point and time?

The choices are typically endless, so there is no reason whatsoever to box you in to only one or two options.

For some ladies, the idea of hair extensions in fact suits their appeal.

No matter what new style you might go for, there are myriad of options out there for you to consider if you are seeking a new feel for your hair…

Internet is a Good Starting Point

So that you can hopefully find just the style and look you want, keep these pointers in mind:

    • Internet – While family and friends are good sounding boards as to what kind of new hairstyle might best suit you, so too is the Internet. By turning to the worldwide web in your pursuit of a new look, you can view countless styles, read and hear about numerous opinions as to what suits each and every woman, and never have to leave your home or office in the process (at least that is while looking at various styles). Even though magazines (see below) are still a good option, the Internet has fast become to go-to choice of many women;


    • Social media – As part of the Internet, social media is popular to millions and millions of people around the globe. Due to this, many women will turn to social networking sites in order to get a better idea of what hairstyle may best suit them. One of the sites best suited for this task is of course Instagram. With the countless images posted to the site, it should not come as a big surprise that many salons and customers for that matter go there to see what the latest buzz is all about. With an Instagram account, you can search a variety of keywords that will direct you to hair-related topics. If you have female friends with Instagram accounts, it is easy to swap pictures. For those more into Facebook, this is also a great social networking site to learn about the latest in hair-care products. Some hair-related sites will sometimes run contests on their Facebook fan pages, allowing you to win a variety of prizes, some of which can include free salon visits, hair extensions, haircuts and much more;


    • Social outings – Whether it is tied to work or you’re just out for fun, your social mingling with other ladies can be a great resource for deciding what kind of new style and you look your hair might possibly need. While you will almost never find two women who want the exact same hairstyle, you will find some who are not too far off in their respective looks. Don’t be hesitant when out to ask another woman where she got her hair done at or what kinds of products (including hair extensions) she uses. Seeing other styles can certainly fill your mind with ideas that may very well work for your look. If you end up taking group pictures at different social get-togethers, study the images to see how another person’s hairstyle may fit for you;


  • Family and friends – Last but certainly not least, turning to other female family members and friends for hairstyle advice never hurts. Yes, looking exactly like another woman in your family or your circle of friends may not be your ideal thought, but if they have a great look, why not go for it yourself? There are plenty of opinions to go around when hanging out with those ladies closest to you, so don’t be afraid to listen and voice your opinion too.

In landing that new hairstyle that you truly desire, use social media and other aspects of the Internet, along with relying on those closest to you in your life for some advice.

When all is said and done, you might be quite happily surprised with what it is that you come up with for your hair, not to mention saving some money along the way.