Getting a good quality of life when you live with cataracts

Unfortunately, as old age starts to set in there is a much stronger chance of suffering with cataract. That said, it is not uncommon to get cataracts at any age but for the young it is more likely to be due to or connected with other health issues.

Cataracts form when your eyes start to deteriorate; the proteins within the eye lens start breaking down giving the sufferer cloudy vision. This does not happen overnight, though for some people it sets in faster than others. You may not necessarily realize that you have cataracts until your vision is deeply impaired by a blurriness, cloudy or foggy vision. 

Maintaining your quality of life

There are some simple things you can do to prolong your quality of life when you are in the early to mid-stages of cataract growth and you are starting to feel the symptoms.

In order to help sharpen your vision you can opt for additional seeing aids if your prescription glasses are somewhat lacking, such as using a magnifying glass. Magnifying glasses are available in all shapes and sizes, some are handheld while others have stands which can be bolted on to desks, most of these types tend to have lights incorporated into them.

Another area where you can help your vision is to improve the lighting around your home either by placing more lights or obtaining higher wattage light bulbs which will give off a brighter light. In addition to this you may find that wearing sunglasses when outside in the daylight could help your vision and your comfort.

Opting for surgery

Unfortunately, there is no cure for cataracts other than going through surgery. On the upside, replacing cataract lenses is not a new surgical procedure, therefore there are experts on hand to help you and advise you on your surgical journey ahead with the safe knowledge that there have been many people that have gone before you.

There is a real benefit to going through this procedure because you may not even realize how bad your vision has deteriorated during the slow cataract growth. It could very well feel that you have received your life back and you can then get some real pleasure out of seeing your friends, family and the world again in the high definition of your pre-cataract life.

So, to sum it up

Unfortunately, suffering with cataracts is not a new phenomenon, and there will be many more people in the future that will feel its curse, but as with all things this just means that the treatment that is available today is at its pinnacle of expertise so far. 

You can put off the treatment for a while depending on the speed in which the proteins in your eyes are breaking down, but eventually you will probably have to opt for surgery or lose your sight altogether. Using such items as a magnifying glass, stronger light bulbs, and sunglasses when outside could help you while you grow accustomed to the thought of surgery and while you are obtaining information from professional clinics about the procedure that you are looking to have carried out.