How to install a garden shower next to a pool?

Like most American households, are you lucky enough to have a pool at home? With your pool, have you thought about installing an outside shower? Taking a shower before and after swimming in the pool is a must. Why? Showering before bathing removes sweat, cosmetics that are on your skin, which helps keep the pool water clean. Showering after bathing removes traces of chlorine and other products that are in the pool water. Therefore, outside pool showers will be very beneficial. Here’s how to set it up.

Which shower to choose?

There are many options, for example, at this link (, for outside showers. The first criterion to consider is the heating of the shower water. For ease, choose the solar method to install in a sunny spot in your garden. Not only are they easier to install, but they will also save you energy. Depending on the model, you can have an adjustable water jet, foot rinse, and many other features.

Where to install the shower?

It is advisable to select a location as close to your pool as possible. Think about a place where your garden shower can be connected to your home’s hot water supply if you will not use solar energy for water heating. Also provide a siphon to drain the water. If you plan to never use soap in the shower, the drain can be connected to the garden irrigation mains, which will save you water.

How to install it?

Garden showers are getting easier and easier to install. They come with a mounting and connection kit as well as an installation guide. You will also be informed of the type of floor that must be provided to mount the shower (hard and flat surface, concrete). Once installed, the garden shower does not require any special maintenance.