Great Ways to Make Money From Home Using the Internet

There are so many benefits from being able to make money from your own home, this way of earning offers you the flexibility to work whenever you like, the comfort of being able to work from your own seat, desk, sofa or even bed and it will also save you great amounts of money when it comes to  travel expenses.


For many years, working from home options were either for high-powered business people, self-employed company owners, cold calling salespeople or women who wanted to try adult phone sex lines as a way of earning a living. Thankfully times have moved on quite a bit and through the power of the internet, there are now far more options for people looking to work from home, let’s take a look at a few of them.

Freelance Work

Freelance work has boomed in recent years thanks to more and more businesses being created and far businesses creating an online presence. Many new businesses prefer to pay for online tasks per job as opposed to putting someone on the payroll as they are trying to keep their expenses down.

To meet the demand, websites like Upwork have been set up which put freelancers in touch with employers and visa-versa. You can use sites like these to upload your profile and your CV and then start applying for jobs such as website design, email handling, virtual secretary tasks, graphic design, article writing and even editing tasks, depending on your skills. There are jobs and tasks for all kinds of abilities on these sites, the pay can be very good and better yet, you can do the work whenever you like providing you hit the deadlines.


It seems that everyone has a blog these days and with some of the earnings which you can make from a blog by way of advertising, it is easy to see why. If you are looking for a way to earn money from home and be able to express yourself on the internet then a blog is the perfect outlet for you.

When setting up your blog, aim for a niche topic to write about, unless you are an international spy then the reality is that nobody wants to read about your life, pick something small and specific like stamp collecting, Star Wars appreciation or Parkour to write about, you will gain a far more loyal audience this way and much more interaction on your site. Once the traffic starts coming in then you can rent out space on your website to advertisers, all from your armchair.


If you have a natural flair in front of the camera or when it comes to editing awesome videos then you could follow in the footsteps of many and make a living from YouTube. It is highly unlikely that you will be an overnight success but the idea is that you create great quality videos on a regular basis and interact with your audience in order to get the word out about your videos and see your views grow.

Once you are getting a high volume of views then YouTube will start paying you per view in order for advertisers to place a short clip at the beginning of your video. Whether you are smart, silly, funny, informative or challenging on your videos is irrelevant, the trick is to keep sharing and keep getting the word out about your videos in order to get lots of views, and lots of money.