Here’s What You Need To Know Before Getting Started With A Vaporizer

Isn’t vaping the new trend of the Z generation? With a section of health experts claiming vaping being safer than regular smoking, it has seen enhanced popularity in the last few years. It is also making roads to the lesser developed nations and building a strong customer base. 

If you, too, are looking to switch from tobacco to vapes, you must understand the device and its implication first so that the transition is frictionless. This piece will talk about a few things that you must know before getting yourself started. 

The first time

Vaping could be an entirely new experience for beginners. Therefore, newbies are suggested to take the utmost care while entering this practice. Studies find that 57% of vapers often cough on their first try. Though it is temporary for more than 90% of the users, it may last for some. 

Coughing can be indicative of a bunch of concerns. Sensitivity to propylene glycol leads to excessive coughing. Also, not being able to use a proper technique can result in coughing. Some people also develop a cough after leaving cigarettes. Therefore, your cough could be utterly unrelated to vaping as well. 


Every country has specific laws and regulations around smoking in public spaces. Therefore, before beginning, you must familiarise yourself with the state guidelines of your place to avoid any unnecessary line of events. 

Vaping is further regularised in different places. New York imposed a ban on vaping where tobacco smoking was already prohibited. Even some bars, restaurants, and workplaces may choose to set varied guidelines on vaping. As a responsible vaper, your efforts should be to stay within the limit without causing inconvenience to others. Portability of the device also becomes a concern when looking to vape outdoors. Therefore, check out the SOC Portable E-Nail Kit, and find some exciting products. 

Nicotine strength

E-liquids aren’t all about flavor, are they? The nicotine strength also becomes a critical consideration while purchasing e-liquids. It is the presence of nicotine per milliliter of the liquid. 

For a former smoker, the nicotine concentration is easier to gauge, based on past consumption. Whereas, newbies need to explore their optimum level of satisfaction. Typically light smokers use 3mg/ml. For heavy smokers, it doubles to 6mg/ml. If you’re looking for an experience of your lifetime, check out Vape Shop to explore exciting products. 


Just like your mobile phone, a battery of the vape is its lifeline. The longer the battery can survive, the enjoyable the experience will be. Naturally, no one would want to charge their device every couple of hours.

Some vapes have internal batteries, which means they cannot be replaced. However, there are also devices with replaceable batteries, which are handy and cheaper to maintain. Always purchase batteries from a trusted brand to ensure a safe experience. Try not to carry them loose, as the plastic wears out soon, thus making them potentially dangerous. 

Type of tank

Though all experts will have a range of opinions on this, tanks are one of the significant components of the device. This is the part that one is readily aware of and must know about. 

There is a range of tanks available for you to choose from; however, their primary functioning is the same. Its purpose is to contain the juice of your e-cigs and gradually feed it to the coil through a wick or cotton. While choosing the tank, the volume is the first consideration. Also, you should always prefer choosing materials that are durable. 

The coil

The coil of the device wears down after a period of time and needs replacement. Tanks and coils, together make essential components of the vape. The coil comes in many variations. 

Some vapors use a rebuildable coil. The vapers can rebuild these coils while most people tend to buy new ones and throw away the older ones. Coils also come in a range of materials like stainless steel and ceramic. The drowning taste of the vapor is indicative of a poor coil. If not this, one must still be mindful of keeping a check on the coil to have a smooth and lasting experience.