Home Remodeling Moves to Make for 2017

As we enter a new year, our best intentions are at the forefront. It’s definitely the right time to start an active focus on home remodeling projects you’ve been itching to do. Here are some great project ideas that will add style to your home while improving its comfort and function, especially if you are planning to buy or rent a condo or a house.


First impressions count

From a simple repaint, to replacing your front door or even adding or extending a porch, remodeling the entrance to your home can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the property. Does your entrance make the right impression? If not, put your remodeling gloves on at the very start of the year.

Exploit your outdoor space

 From small to large areas, our outdoor space can be a bonus or a burden. Maybe a simple storage for bikes or children’s toys would prevent it from becoming an unsightly dumping ground. Pursuing gardening as a hobby will also do your property good, especially for real estate properties in the Philippines where you can enjoy the activity all year round. Elsewhere though, the winter months are the perfect time to start planning, so you’ll be ready to start enjoying your outdoors as soon as the sun shines!

Walk-in wardrobe

More closet space is at the top of most of our wish lists! Consider remodeling your bedroom to carve out a larger and more organized storage area. Just imagine the pleasure and ease of being able to see and select your outfits quickly each day. In addition, stylists say that if you can see all your clothes together, you’ll know exactly what you need and don’t need to buy, so it’s actually a justified way to prevent overspending!

The wonderful world of water

Personal care is so important to our wellbeing and physical presentation. Luxurious bathrooms with a wow factor are an essential improvement that will undoubtedly make your home more marketable. Most importantly, it could be a place to enjoy spending time in, whether preparing for the busy day ahead or unwinding and relaxing when you get home. Home spas, high powered invigorating showers, taps that resemble an exhibit from MoMA, stunning lighting effects and gorgeous tiling for floors and walls are all achievable, even with a limited budget. In fact, some condominium units are sold with these features.

How cool is your kitchen?

Compared to past generations, we use our kitchens in a totally different way – but has your kitchen evolved with the times? A kitchen remodel gives you the opportunity to set the space and style of the room many of us spend the most time in. It’s an exciting project that could really benefit from the advice of architects and kitchen designers. Leverage the opportunity to extend or move walls for a fabulous multi-functional living space. Then give your wall a coat of warm paint that brings out the elegance of your new natural wood live edge dining table set. And don’t forget your kitchen cabinets: they are the center of style and they set the tone of the whole space.


Home remodeling can be a huge undertaking but can be carried out by piecemeal. With proper planning and a decent budget, your entire living space will get a facelift.