Home Renovation Inspiration To Boost The Value Of Your Home

Want to add to the value of your precious bricks and mortar? Whether you are looking to maximize your sale price now or build up value for the future it might well be time to think about a renovation project. The good news is that you don’t have to blow the bank to do so either. There are a number of cheap fixes that are quick and easy to do to improve your home before selling, that could mean the difference between scoring that sale at the price you want or not.


Give your kitchen an upgrade.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s one of the first – if not the number one – rooms that those looking to buy are interested in. You don’t have to go crazy with appliance upgrades, you could simply replace a leaking tap or give the cabinets a facelift. The latter can often be done yourself by repainting old doors or buying new doors and installing them to the existing cabinet structure. A fresh-looking kitchen which looks like a lot of love and care has been invested into it, will do wonders for boosting the value and making a lasting impact on a potential buyer.

Make your bathroom beautiful.

After the kitchen, the next stop on a home buyer’s list is the bathroom, which again doesn’t have to take up too much cash to improve. Just minor touches such as investing in a new toilet seat or giving the grout around the shower a touch-up could make all the difference, giving the room a bright, cleaner feel. If you’ve got a bigger budget, you could splash out on some new flooring or a new sink, which both can be installed yourself, if you’re feeling handy, with minimal fuss.

Clean your carpets.

Sometimes all you need to make your house seem brighter and airier is to give your carpets a little love. Professional carpet cleaning is fairly inexpensive and will just make your home feel that much tidier if it’s carpeted throughout. If your carpets are showing a little wear in certain areas, a strategically placed rug or stylish footstool are all you need to cover this up, and can often add a little extra character to the room. Again, if your budget is a little larger, you might want to look into having your other household textiles cleaned as well before showing off your home, which really helps to get rid of any pet odours and the like.

Increase your storage.

Old houses are often known for not having enough storage space and this can often put off potential buyers, but this can be remedied fairly easily. You could improve any closet space you already have by adding in a few extra shelves, or adding some new storage space into a spare room that otherwise unused. If you’ll be renting out the property and providing a furnished option, a couple of inexpensive divan beds with built-in storage are an easy, as well as comfortable, fix. Divan Beds Centre provide a fair few options to choose from, depending on which kind of aesthetic you’re aiming for.