How Roulette Works

The concept of roulette began in 1655 with a man by the name of Blaise Pascal. He was attempting to create a perpetual motion machine that continues to draw energy from an external source.

Little did he know that his theories would turn into the oldest and most popular casino game to date. Before you head to Vegas to give it a try, it’s helpful to know how roulette works.

If you mindlessly throw chips around and call out numbers, you’re not going to get too far. Check out this guide to learn all the ins and outs of roulette so you can win big.

Rules of Roulette

The best thing about roulette is that the rules are simple enough to pick up. About 95% of the game is luck.

The dealer spins the wheel and drops a ball inside. The name of the game is to guess what color the ball will land on when the wheel comes to a stop. In some instances, you can place your bet once the wheel begins to spin, but it’s much more common to call it beforehand.

If the ball lands on the color you chose, you’ll collect your earnings and a new round will begin.

Inside Bets

There are two types of bets you can choose from. The first is inside bets.

As the name suggests, an inside bet is all the wagers that involve the inner section of the table. You can place your chip on a single number or do a split bet where you wager on two adjacent numbers.

Inside bets offer high payouts, but they’re harder to win on. That being said, this betting style isn’t suitable for beginners.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are a little broader. You’ll be wagering on a type of number instead of a specific one.

For example, you can do a column bet. It covers 12 numbers in a row, which takes up nearly a third of the wheel.

Similarly, you can bet on a color. Since the only two colors on the table are red and black, you’ve got a 50/50 chance to get the best payout online casino when you play.

Due to the fact that it’s so easy to win with outside bets, they’re a no-brainer for those new to the game.

When to Stop Betting?

The good news is that when it’s time for you to stop betting, the dealer will let you know.

They’ll wave their hand over the table and say “no more bets.” At that point, if you continue to make wagers, you can be disqualified.

How Roulette Works: Your Complete Guide

If you can learn how roulette works, you can clean up at the casino. While your odds are better if you go with an outside bet, you can make more money if you win on an inside one.

Whatever you decide, you haven’t lived until you’ve played the oldest and most popular casino game. For tips that will help you develop a killer roulette strategy, visit the Entertainment section of our blog.