5 of the Coolest Rides You Should Have Gotten for Your Prom Night

This party bus is one of the Coolest Rides You Should Have Gotten for Your Prom Night
Photo by CC user Tradalj on English Wikipedia

Ah, it’s that special day which you have all been waiting for and which no end of term is without. You’ve chosen the right clothes for the event, got the haircuts and styles just right and now you have to decide how you are going to arrive. There may be some alternative people out there who may be thinking of taking a tractor or a bicycle, but for those of you with style in mind, there’s no other choice than to get that ride, just….right. Let us have a looky at what’s out there and available for the coolest cats in town.

1. Tour Bus

Forget being a student and travel like a rock star in a shiny, tinted-window tour bus. If you’re worried that rental fees may be just a little too steep, why not invite all of your friends – plenty of space in there for all fifty of them.

2. Convertible

How about making your grand entrance from the interior of a classic, shiny, bright convertible. You could even get the 1950’s hairdo to match the settings and get the right tunes playing in the background to complete the ambience. But, don’t forget to drive kind of slowly to avoid getting that windblown look!

3. Horse-drawn carriage

You’ll be decked out and dressed up, much like the Hollywood movie stars of old. Why not make your arrival at the prom into an equally-retro ride affair? You and your date will truly be the belles of the ball, and your ride will be talked about for a long afterwards.

4 – Hummer Limo

The Hummer is the celebrity vehicle of choice for downtime style. Then somebody with a highly active imagination decided to enhance its capabilities, absolutely snazzed up the interior, and give it some streeeeeetch. The result is a super cool and popular fun take on the original. Interested in limo hire in Perth? Use only the best.

5 – Rolls Royce

Why not ride in the style of royalty with an eye turning Rolls Royce? Rollers have always been connected with sophistication and class, and most vintage Rolls Royce cars have been remodelled and upgraded to give you outstanding comfort and luxury with a pristine touch of glamour, that was formerly enjoyed exclusively by heads of state and monarchs.

Choice of Choices

Well, there you have it, a vehicle selection from the modern, to the past, to a time in the past when candles were being used for lighting. Now it’s all up to you to make the right choice to make that dazzling appearance. Perth Hummer limo hire in W. Australia are famous for their excellent customer service, and give you exactly what you are looking for when it comes to renting, for that big night.

Looking Back

There’s only the one Prom night, so make it special and make it one which you will always remember forever, and make others wish they had done the same!