How To Choose A Scope Mount

Do you find it difficult choosing the right scope mount for your rifle? Then this article is for you. Here we’ll show you how to select the best scope mount for your rifle. The importance of getting the right scope mount for your rifle cannot be overemphasised, especially if you want to install night vision weapon sights on your gun.

The primary role of your mounting system is to hold your optics steady against multiple recoils. You need to have an understanding of how the different parts of a mounting system work to choose a good scope mount. Some of the factors that can affect your decision of mount choice are; ring size and scope height. Also do want an easily changeable mount or not.

The war between the two most common mounts types for long-distance shooters have been raging, different opinions everywhere. This article will guide you in choosing your next scope mount between the one-piece scope mount and the two-piece scope rings. We can’t categorically say one is better than the other; they just have distinct parts and offer users unique options. Choosing the right scope mount is not just cut and dry as there are a few considerations to get the perfect gun and scope.

With the different types of scope mounts, it is hard to choose between them. Letting the dimensions of your scope and its uses be your guide is a wise choice.

The one-piece scope mounts

This piece type is wildly used around the world by far distance shooters. Some advantages this mount has over the double rings are; the scope is automatically aligned; typically, the one-piece mount is more durable, more rigid and invariably heavier than the two-piece scope rings. Meaning it’s not so ideal for a lightweight weapon. This type of mount offers more support; it also allows a more extended scope to be pushed in front.

This piece is perfect for AR15 owners; it gives them the comfort needed, especially those shooting in the wild. This type has one base and two rings on it. It is easier and faster to fix and may not requires specials skills to fix correctly. It us also paramount to know that the base makes this type considerably heavier and bulky to carry. Very difficult for hunting situations where you have to carry a lot of accessories into the wild.

A single base is better at withstanding the forces of recoil, but they make access to the chamber for loading and unloading considerably harder.

This mount type is not ideal as clearance is lowered. You have to consider this when selecting mounts for a bolt action rifle. What more? This type of mounts is also the most expensive among the two. Because of the weight, it might be a little uncomfortable carrying around with other accessories.

Having said that, single-piece mount is good for AR15s. Though it costs more, you’ll more likely get more value for your money.

The two-piece scope rings

These are two separate rings that are fitted to the rifle. They have a considerably lower weight than the single piece and as such perfect for light rifles and carbines. These two-piece rings are more economical as they are cheaper to purchase and may also work for more than one rifle.

These rings are also easier to move around, especially going through the wild with a lot of accessories. Apart from the fact that they are cheaper, they are also more easily accessible. They are perfect for hunting as they are lighter and can be carried about easily and also affordable. They go hand in hand with bolt action weapon.

Even though they are easy to align, they still need alignment, which might be a turn off for most.

Make sure the mount is correctly placed, you should check with the manufacturer for guidance on how to properly fit a mount. The elevation of the mount is directly proportional to the size of the scope. When you have a bigger scope, it is appropriate to use a mount with a higher elevation as this gives room for you to be able to see through and also make changes.

Getting quality scopes are also essential. A lot of people spend good money on a rifle and scope then go for the cheapest mounts in the market. You should know a quality rifle requires a quality mount to function optimally. Better to go for known brands when acquiring mounts.

The mount is the merger that holds the rifle concurrently, the rifle and scope can be great pieces, but the mount is needed if they are to work perfectly and become a formidable weapon working together. When aligning a mount always make sure it is properly fitted as a little misalignment could mean several inches away from your target.