Improving Customer Experiences: Make Shopping Online Enjoyable

Today, customers are not just looking for great customer service, they want much more. Everyone gives the advice “walk into customers’ shoes” to know how they are feeling about your brand or product. No matter what type of business you have, the best way to increase the revenues is to satisfy the customers. Great customer experience helps you to satisfy your customers and reduce customer churn. According to a research conducted by American Express, 60% of the customers are willing to pay you more if you provide them better experience.

Do you ever wonder why Amazon is so successful? It is simply because of their amazing customer experience. Suppose, if you buy a Smartphone from Amazon, you will see that it will automatically provide you the best suggestions for Smartphone cover, Memory Card, Headphone etc. The customer will definitely like it, because the business is caring about their future needs. This is why Amazon is “the king of up selling”. It makes a major part of its revenue through this process which is possible due to great customer experience and CRM Software.

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

The interaction between the customers and the business is termed as Customer Experience (CX). The interaction can be in any form- product or service, social media, awareness, consideration and cultivation.

Great Customer Experience helps to improve the Customer Relationship Management. If you provide you provide great customer experience to your customer, you can get loyal and repeated buyers. They will also promote your business with their friends and relatives on Social Media or by Word-of-Mouth. The chances of converting those leads are much higher than those customers that you will get through advertisement or other types of promotion.

If you provide great customer experience, then your customers will surely trust your brand and become long and faithful buyers. If you ignore customer experience then your customers are more likely to leave. The level of competition is very high these days and the only way to dominate the market is to provide great customer experience.

Customer Experience vs Customer Service

There is a difference between customer experience and customer service. Customer Service is just a part of the whole customer experience. Customer service is about the product or service you are providing to the customer.

But Customer Experience is a much broader term. It involves many factors like – How the customer come to know about your business? How your support staff responded to them on their first phone call? Is your product or service is solving their problem effectively? Is your product easy to use? Do you provide them good customer support? Do you listen to your customer’s needs? Does the company receives and acts on the customer feedbacks? …

Customer Experience helps you to build and strengthen your customer relationships. Technology improvements and the innovation of CRM Software are helping a lot to improve in this field.

Why Customer Experience is important?

Customers are the building blocks of a business. For growing any business, it is important to provide great attention to your existing customers and also look for getting new customers. You must make a good first impression on your newer customers if you want them to stay for longer terms.

The major mistake that most of the companies do is that they think they are already providing a great experience to their customers. This is not true in most cases, if you look from the perspective of the customer. This must surely be avoided. You should always look for new ways to improve your Customer Experience.

Here are some of the creative ways to improve your customers’ online experience

1) Use your customers’ buyer personas- It is very important to know about the demographics of your customers. If you want to provide them a very good online experience, this is really important. Know what the average age group of your customers is, research and find about their common interests and which profession they are in. This will help you a lot to plan and make your customer experience a lot better.

2) Address their emotional needs- Most of decision that we make in our life are strongly connected with emotions. More than 50% of the experience is based on emotion. So, you should be able to create an emotional connection with your customer. If you build a psychological connection with your customer, you will be able to outrank 90% of your competitors.

3) Optimise your website’s UX- User Experience and Customer Experience are directly connected. If you provide a great user experience to your customers, they are more likely to revisit your website. So, instead of using a casual checkout page, you can use a great personalized thank you page for them.

4) Have “help”, “support” and “community” section on your website- It is always good to have a small community around your product. You can utilize the community section to know what type of problems your customers are facing. In the “help” sections you can provide helpful guides, videos and tutorials based around your product. The support section enables the customer to contact you directly with their problems. This three units form the core of a website with good customer experience.

5) Connect with them on Social Media- You must surely utilize the power of social media to connect with your customers. Make useful posts or tweets to give them something funny, creative or motivational messages. Reply to their comments or feedbacks. Try to use interactive images. the Canvas Factory replied to our request for comment “Social media has been important for our customer experience team, as it gives them a direct line to the consumer and we are able to mould our service from raw and useful feedback”.

6) Provide them educational or motivational content- Content marketing is one of the most powerful methods of Marketing, but people ignore it because it involves a lot of hard work. But if you look at some of the successful businesses, you will find this one thing is common. Try providing useful and relevant content to your customers. You can also give them motivational articles and productivity hacks. If you hate writing, you can provide them useful videos, presentations and infographics. If they find it useful and interesting, they will surely share it with their friends, business partners and family members, who can be you potential customers.

Final Thoughts-

Customer Experience is indeed an area you should focus on to satisfy your customers and increase your revenues. So, make sure to use the above listed creative methods to increase your customers’ online experience.