How to choose the best sunglasses for you

Know How to choose the best sunglasses?

While many folks still view sunglasses as a fashion accessory, it is in actuality a necessary piece of protective equipment for those who spend any amount of time outdoors.

Its glamorization in Hollywood movies and lack of immediate damage caused by sun exposure leads many to believe they are an optional acquisition.

Despite these perceptions, we think that everyone should have a stylish pair of sunglasses they can slip over their eyes whenever they decide to spend some time outside.

In this article, we’ll share a few pointers so you can pick out sunglasses that are best for you.

Why do I even need sunglasses?

Some of you out there may not see the need for sunglasses – after all, you’ve gone this long without shielding your eyes from the supposedly harmful rays of the sun, and nothing bad has happened yet.

That’s just the thing, though – the damage done by UVA and UVB rays accumulates slowly but surely over time until you gradually begin to realize your sight is starting to deteriorate quicker than you ever thought it would.

Worse yet, you may start losing your vision altogether, or the development of cancerous lesions may necessitate surgery that will rob you of your sight.

You can prevent this slow-motion disaster from occurring by donning sunglasses whose lenses are treated to block solar radiation. Make sure that the pair you are buying blocks at least 95% of UVAs and 99% of UVBs.

Plan on spending a lot of time on the water? Get polarized lenses, as these do the best job at protecting your eyes from reflected light.

Lastly, avoid any pair of sunglasses that are labeled ‘cosmetic’, as they offer none of the protection of a genuine pair.

What style is best suited to you?

Although you are now convinced of the importance of wearing sunglasses when you are enjoying the great outdoors, don’t just run out and get any old pair.

There are many different shapes and styles available to compliment the shape of your face and your identity.

Generally speaking, those with a round face will look best with a pair that has square lenses, while those with a square face will be best served by sunglasses with round lenses.

Want to put on a tough guy/girl persona? Get some aviators.

Play sports? A pair of wraparounds will suit you best.

Want to channel your inner movie star? Go for some over-sized or tea lenses (be careful with the latter, though, as they tend to do a poor job keeping sunlight out).

No matter your facial structure or interests, there is a pair of sunnies that are perfect for you.

What will you be doing while wearing them?

The activities you that you do on a regular basis should also influence the pair of sunglasses you end up buying.

The color of the lenses in a pair of sunglasses makes them suited to specific situations, depending on the shade.

For example, brown lenses are great if you are participating in snowsports, copper lenses are ideal for golfers, while blue or green lenses suit tennis players best.

If you are just socializing, but want to block glare without sacrificing visual acuity, gray lenses are ideal.

Make sure the lenses are scratch-resistant

Finally, there is nothing worse than dropping a not-small amount of money on a pair of sunglasses, only to drop them hours later and scratch them irreparably.

When shopping for a pair of shades, spend a few more dollars to get a pair that is certified to be scratch-resistant, as it is only a matter of time before they slip off your collar and tumble onto the sidewalk.