Three Tips To Boost Your Odds of Getting a Sports Scholarship

Less than 5% of high school student athletes will be able to secure a Division I or II Sports Scholarship after graduation. This is disheartening to hear, but there are ways to increase your odds and to make it more likely that you will get a scholarship. Here are three tips that will help give your odds a little boost and help you be more likely to pick up that coveted sports scholarship:


1. Don’t wait around for someone to find you.

Unless you are some amazing superstar player that is getting writes ups and a lot of coverage outside the local paper, you will need to be proactive in order to get noticed. You will need to invest the time and energy to reach out and contact college coaches so they know that you even exist. You may not hear from them or see a recruiter until your senior year but letting them know you are there and interested may help them notice you and allow them a chance to watch you from the background. Make sure you use it as a time to grow, learn, and impress!

2. Send an email to a college coach.

Sometime in your Junior Year of school you need to start contacting potential coaches you might be interested in or that you think may have an interest in you. You have to make the first move and it is important that you present yourself in a professional manner. In the email include this basic bio information:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Primary Sport and Position
  • Sports Awards/Highlights/Records
  • Any Statistics
  • Year of High School Graduation
  • Name of High School
  • Brief Goal and Mission Statement


3. Post videos online.

We are not talking professional quality videos, just a video of you talking bout your passions, goals, dreams, and love of the sport is a great way to introduce yourself to potential coaches. You can also get some videos of your games and practices and you best shots, runs, and performances in your sport. Actions speak louder than words and sometimes the video is just what is needed to make you stick out and get noticed and remembered- which is exactly what you want!

When it comes to securing a sports scholarships a lot depends on you and getting found by the right coach and the right school at the right time. With these three tips you can greatly increase your odds of being noticed and help yourself get that sports scholarship!

The following was a post by Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell