How to Make Your Signage Effective for Your Business

Branding is a smart strategic move if you want to make a good reflection of your business’ identity in the market. With its impact, your signage is the key to direct that message to a bigger audience, having a lasting impression on the right people and in the market itself. 

As you build your signage, you should let out your inner creativity while keeping it related to the message that you want to say to the audience, with the help of ShieldCo Art. Whether the logo is meant for a product launching, a new location, or even replacing an old logo, one should keep in mind the factors in how your signage can impact the people.

Have your theme

You should have a topic that is in line on your business in the first place. With that, you can base your design and overall message around your idea of a theme. Your logo should have a noticeable color scheme, available fonts, and an overall message layout. With the right design, full message, and a well thought out theme, a logo would be memorable and will have a long impression to those who will look at it.

Type of sign

The sign of your choice and making should reflect your company’s and the industry’s society. The signage should have its objective that relates to how you want to show your business in the market while maintaining the effectivity of the logo in marketing your business. You should remember that by balancing these two factors, you will maximize the benefits you will get from your signage.

The flexibility of the sign

An owner should know what precisely the purpose of making the signage is. The flexibility is vital as this could be the basis of the theme of your signage. If you want a flexible one that can change when you want it to, you might want to consider digital signage. Digital signage could save you money in the long run since the changing of the signage is easy and affordable. 

Having your sign printed or built will be more time consuming and expensive. Having signage that is easy to change and modernized will not only save you more money but will also tell people that you are up to date with modern technology.

Check the restrictions

Before putting up a sign, you should first consider the rules and regulations of having signage in your area. If you are renting a place, you should talk first to its owner before having signage built. Then consult the local government about their laws of putting up a sign. Most city or states require you to submit a request for approval before letting you build your business’ signage. It would be beneficial for you if you already know the rules in the first place.

Make sure your sign is visible

Having a valid sign would be useless if you just put it in places where no one would see them. Remember that having signage is to grab hold of the customer’s attention, interest, and response. Putting it in a heightened position or a place where people could see it efficiently is the right way of getting your would-be customers’ view. Of course, it would also be a good thing if your signage is pleasing to the eyes and attention-grabbing in the first place.

Make it readable

It would be beneficial if your signage can be distinguishable in far distances by having big fonts and design. You should manage the white spaces of your sign by limiting the content of your signage. With the white background, your logo should have the right contrast for the logo to be more apparent. 

If your establishment is near the highway or a road, you should consider the speed limit within the area. Typically, speed limits are 20, 40, or 50 miles. With this in mind, you should imagine a driver seeing your signage. Will the driver see and understand my signage in a long distance and with a short duration?

Establish your identity

There are a vast number of competitors in any market as of late, so establishing your identity and standing out would greatly help your business. You should make your brand unique and memorable for you to have a chance in the market. With this in mind, it is a good idea to make your brand distinguishable from your competitors.


Every business owner wants their own company to reach a multitude of people to have more customers be interested and invested in their own business. To do this, an owner should consider having a unique feel to their brand to stand out in the marketing field. If you want your business to flourish, having signage that is unique, apparent, and efficient would be a great help to your business and its future endeavors.

Author’s Bio: 

Rebecca Nelson is a blogger and writer. She writes about technology, business, marketing, health and lifestyle, and real estate. In her free time, Rebecca either spends time with her family or play sports with her colleagues.