10 Primary Facts You Should Know about French Wine

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Making 6 billion bottles of wine in a year, France is the second largest wine producers around the globe. Speaking of vineyard area, France grabs the second place for having the second largest vineyard. The country is proud of it is 7 major and 8 minor wine-producing regions. 

Some of France’s largest wine producers include Corsica Jura, Garonne, and Bearn. These regions are prominent for their grape varietals. You may hear a conversation about French wine, but what exactly is it? Here are the main facts about it.

The History

Let’s start here: History. Since the early 6th century, wine has been made and widely spread throughout the region. It was Italian who exported their wines in France’s noble families. 

The relationship of France to Italy is the starting point of winemaking in France. With the help of Romans, French people slowly make their part in the winemaking process 

The Accidental Invention of Champagne

In the late 17 century, Dom Pierre Pérignon, a French Benedictine monk, accidentally made sparkling wine. This wine is champagne. Flabbergasted Pèrignon said to have said, “Look, I’m drinking starts.” 

Aside from Pèrignon, French monks continue to develop and preserve wine in the middle ages. Until now, French is famous for its different classic wines. 

Preserving of French Wine During War

Here is an interesting fact about French wine. France during World War II was invaded by the Germans. The invaded France was subject to numerous acts of plundering. 

After the war totally destroys the French wine industry, many winemakers play a role in the Resistance. They hide the roots of French vines and preserve the most valuable French wine bottles in the cellar. 

The act of wine preservation and resistance of French during the Second World War, keep their national identity prominently. Up until now, the French preserve their culture by also preserving wine.

France is the Home of Numerous Grapes Varietal

French wine is made out of numerous grapes varietal. The weather in France is perfect for grapes cultivation. California is known for its grapes like Cabernet and Chardonnay, but originally, the home of these two in France. Some of the familiar native grapes found in France include Malbec, Cinsault, and Merlot. 

The Wine Harvest

Part of the French culture is the wine harvest. The exact date of the harvest time is determined with the readiness of any grape varietal. The season of harvest may depend on the summer’s weather. But normally, it takes place during late September and early October. 

Exporting French Wine

The two world’s largest wine producing countries are Italy and France. In 2017 study, France is said to be the second largest wine producer exporting 29% of the wine. 

The exporting of French wine is the major factor why we usually read French terms in the wine label. The largest customer of France is the United States.

French Wines are Usually Labeled Following the Soil

Some foreign countries label their wine according to the grapes used. In France, wines are labeled according to the soil on which they are produced. The regions and towns are vital to French wines. 

Natural factors such as sun, humidity, and temperature are some of the reasons why French wines are labeled according to their soil. These factors affect the quality or flavor of the wine.  

To know the geographical origin of the French wine, here is a tip: the darker the wine, the warmer the climate where the wine is produced. Wines can be from the same grape varietal but will taste differently depending on the location. 

Most French Wines Create with a Perfect Blend

If other wines from the specific region come from one variety of grape, French wines are different. French wines come from the blending of two or more varieties of grapes. 

Such famous French wine includes Bordeaux which is blended from Cabernet and Merlot. The perfect blend of grapes like Mouvèrde and Syrah are some of the common blends of France, especially in Southern France. 

High Quality and Affordable

High-quality French wines are actually affordable. Numerous regions in France that usually sell wines at reasonable prices. Such regions include Languedoc which offers a high-quality bottle. 

French Wines are Great Companion of Food

There’s is always a perfect wine for every meal. Traditionally speaking, we usually accompany wines with foods. We always make sure that the two will compliment each other.

For more than a decade, French wines such as Sokolin Haut Brion served to be the best-picked wine. There meal or date would not be complete without French wine in the table. 


The wine will be more delectable if we know its historical background or where it produced. From its history down to its perfect companion, you can complete your table just by having any French wines. Pouring a glass of French wine will always be a perfect idea of date or meal that will maximize your experience. 

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