How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos by TubeKarma Reviews

The folks at TubeKarma Reviews will show you how to optimize your YouTube video page in this episode. And the first thing we’re going to optimize is our video title.

Wait a sec! Why should we even bother? Well, because search engines love words and phrases just as much as people do. That’s why titles are extremely important when it comes to SEO. The YouTube title you set is the first thing that will show up in search results, and it’s also how people find your video sharing page (i.e., not through a direct link).

You want to make sure that you’re using words and phrases that people actually use when looking for videos like yours. You can do this by using the Google Keyword Tool.

The next step is to optimize your Video Description. This is a written form of your video title. You want to use the exact keywords and phrases as you did in your Video Title, but here it’s more about writing what people will see when they click on your video. So write a compelling description with all the details of your video.

Does it work? Well, I just performed a search for “How-To Clean Your HDTV Screen With Toothpaste,” and one of my videos is already on Google’s first page. Can you see which one?

The next tip is to optimize your Tags. This is the easiest one of all because you simply enter all the main keywords and phrases that are related to your video, separated by commas.

Always try to choose tags that have a high number of searches, so you know they’re used often. If you can’t find any, do an image search for “your tag” and take a look at the images that come up. Then use the same words in your tags.

The last step is to optimize your Video URL by using keywords as well. You can choose to either enter keywords manually or create an automatic keyword video URL using TubeKarma’s Buffer feature. It analyzes how people are tagging your videos on social channels and assigns keywords to your URLs accordingly.

Now it’s time for the big question: Does this actually work? Well, I just did another search, and TubeKarma is on Google’s first page as well (that’s us, by the way). Can you tell which one we are?

The reason we were able to rank these videos is that we carefully crafted our titles, descriptions, and URLs with the right keywords. So take your time to create an optimized YouTube video page, or let TubeKarma do it for you.

Finally, don’t forget to always ask yourself: Who’s my target audience?

Knowing who your target audience is will help you come up with the right keywords to use for your YouTube video title, description, tags, and URL.

So now that you know how to optimize your YouTube video page, it’s time for you to take action. Go ahead and start optimizing your videos now! If you want more information on all the other factors that will help boost the viewership of your videos, go ahead and check out our free e-book.