How to Increase Your Popularity on YouTube

Recording your own YouTube videos is a great way to try to gain online popularity, channel your creativity and it could even make you a lot of money, some YouTubers have become millionaires off the back of their video success. The problem with YouTube however is that, because of its ease of use where anyone with a cellphone or laptop can upload a video, there is fierce competition for video views and you’re going to need to work hard in order to gain popularity.


If you can capture the hearts and the eyes of people however, you can go on to find great success and even take it on as a career, first though, you need to start increasing your popularity, and here are some ways in which you can do so.

Strike a Chord

Uploading a video about how your day is maybe great for your friends to see but the interest probably won’t extend beyond that, you need to talk about something that strikes a chord with people be it humor, politics or even religion. In fact, if you take a look at the viewership figures for Emmanuel TV, the YouTube outlet for the Synagogue of All Nations, they have over 170 million all time views and are one of the most popular religion-based channels in the World. The reasons behind this are the passion and energy of their prophet TB Joshua and the way in which he speaks and that their content strikes a chord with those who view their videos. If you want to find success on the website then create content that people can relate to.

Be Engaging

People need to watch your videos and be utterly captivated by you, whether it be the words that you speak or the way in which you speak them, you have to capture their attention and maintain it throughout the video. This is where timing is important, consider the length of your videos, a 25 minute rant is unlikely to be watched all the way through, people these days don’t have the time or the attention span, especially when they’re online. A short 3-4 minute video is sufficient to grab people’s attention and give them enough to come back again.

Create an Identity

You need something that people will remember you by, this could be something as a catchphrase or a particular way of delivering your videos, whatever it is you need to ensure that it is something that people will remember. This will make people far more likely to come back to your videos or even subscribe to your channel. All of the successful people on YouTube have their own style in their videos, the same setting or background, a memorable way of signing off, regular features in their videos or even the same structure to each and every video that they produce. This not only helps you to look more professional but it will help you to stay in the minds of your viewers, something which will make them far more likely to return.