If my job does a background check, will it see my suspended license?

More and more companies are performing background checks on their employees and new hires. Companies that have a certain security clearance, that work with state and federal government, that have highly regarded secrets or intellectual property, and that have certain interactions with the public have always had to put their employees through rigorous due diligence to determine if there is anything in their past that might disqualify them or make them risky for their jobs.

Today companies that would not normally require background checks are asking for them in greater numbers. The reasons are plentiful:

  • A company can check the validity of claims made on a resume or in interviews by doing a background check on the potential new hire. This can help the company to make sure that the person is both honest and competent.
  • There is a growth in the amount of workplace violence and employees want to understand if an employee has a violent criminal history. Knowing a new hire’s criminal background can add a layer of safety for other company employees.
  • The competition amongst companies has grown to an all-time high and employers want to fully understand the type of person they are hiring. A background check can provide vital information.
  • White collar criminals are sometimes hard to detect. A criminal background check can give a company insight into a white collar criminal past of a person they are considering for employment.

For those seeking a new job, the prospect of going through a background check can cause lots of anxiety. Background checks depending on how deeply a company wants to check can reveal just about anything, but it is important to note that because of the high expense of background checks, companies  will only typically utilize them as the last step before a hire and they will tend to focus on checking issues that relate to the job requirements.

For example if the job requires driving, the company will likely perform a DMV background check. When the DMV record is revealed it will show any major infractions that a person has on their record. This includes any suspended license infractions including a suspended license ticket. It will also give the reason for the suspension.

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Written by Meghan Hale, a content writer at ladolcestudio.co.uk and editing machine. You’ll find me yelling at my dog to stop barking, whether it be at the neighbours or on a long afternoon walk