5 Travel Destinations for Foodies across the Globe

Food is like the entire world for many. Trying various types of foods is a habit for some, but a profession for many. Whatever the reason may be, as a foodie you can definitely roam around the world to try some of the most exquisite cuisines. Yes, what can be a better idea than travelling to relish the exotic cuisines and varieties of foods available all across the globe? Moreover, you will also be able to visit the places and take delight in witnessing the beautiful locales and marvelous places of attraction.

To help you out to find some of the finest travel destinations to satiate your taste buds, we are listing out the details of a few:

The best destinations for foodies that you can try

Tokyo, Japan – A foodie’s paradise and home to some of the most exotic food in the world. When in Tokyo it is a must to try okonomiyaki pancakes, unagi eel and tonkatsu pork cutlets. The names itself are attractive and can entice your taste buds with their delicious taste. Japanese cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the world and you will experience the beauty of it when you are in Tokyo. Also, the skyscraper restaurants will give you the real feel of being on top of the world and enjoying an amazing lunch or dinner with the person you love.

Tokyo is one of the best Travel Destinations for Foodies

Vancouver, British Columbia – If you have a soft corner for sea food, Vancouver will win your heart with a huge variety of sea foods. There are a number of top restaurants that specialize in sea foods and a special mention should go to the steaming soup dumplings which are super yummy in taste. Also, in case you want to get that country side feel while enjoying a meal, you should dine at one of the communal tables. Spicy goat curry and lamb popsicles are some of the other exotic dishes that you should try there.

Shanghai, China – Chinese dishes are famous all around the world, but there is nothing compared to the cuisines in Shanghai. So, it is worthy to fly to Shanghai using the Yatra promo code. Starting from soup dumplings to deep-fried scallion pancakes to Manhattan cocktail, everything will seem as if the food is from a different planet altogether. Moreover, the decoration and garnishing of the food is so good that you will feel like watching it for hours before you even start eating.

Mendoza, Argentina – The land of steaks, Mendoza will treat you with homemade treats that will make you feel like coming back to this place each and every year. The perfectly cooked steak is heavenly and so are the empanadas and stews. There are numerous up market restaurants that you simply cannot miss. Also, when you are too full with food, you can visit the wine-growing estates and taste some of the rarest wines ever. There are various wine tours across the city that you can take a trip to with your friends or beloved.

Bologna, Italy – Also known as “The Fat One” because of the wonderful variety of dishes, Bologna boasts of the fine dining facilities and simple trattorias. Parmesan cheese dishes are world-famous and you cannot even begin to compare the Bologna sausage. Mortadella is another dish that you should definitely try when you are in Bologna booking your tickets using NearBuy. And, do not forget to take a hell lot of parmesan cheese for your home from this place to treat your dear ones with yummy cheese recipes melting in the mouth right away.

Start your foodie-spree right away!

Food is like an emotion to many and when you get to travel places to eat your favorite cuisine, the combination can be one to remember for a lifetime. So, without further ado, mark your dates and start ticking these places off your bucket list as soon as possible.