Which Industries Can An EDM Machine Improve?

Since the dawn of the EDM machine, manufacturing operations all over the world have been boosted in terms of the productivity and the quality of their output. In the early stages of die-cast EDM and wire EDM, there was only a small group of manufacturers and industries who looked to take advantage of, what was then, a new and highly efficient way of drilling and cutting. As the decades have moved forward, so too has the EDM machinery, becoming smarter, more precise and more productive, and there are more industries using this tool than ever before. Let’s have a look at just some of the industries which depend on this cutting edge technology.

Colleges and Universities

It is not just the manufacturing industry which is improved by this kind of machinery and there are many colleges and universities who also depend on these products for both educational and research needs.


For many years medicine has been able to count on technological advances in order to both make products which they can use in hospitals, as well as making new machines which have the capacity to manufacture the necessary products for hospitals. Medicine has moved in synergy with tech for many years, and the demands within medicine for certain treatments and equipment, often force technology to create new and intelligent products. Given the high precision which EDM machines can offer, these are heavily used in and around the medical field.


More often than not we find that the technology that is involved in aerospace is at the very cutting edge of human achievement, and the demands for perfection and precision in this industry is very strong indeed. Many aerospace firms such as Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier, utilize high precision and high quality machinery such as EDM machines in the fabrication of materials which will then be used in air travel. There requirements for perfection in this field of manufacturing are spellbinding which is why they must depend on the very highest quality equipment.


EDM machines are used more in the automobile industry than in just about any other sector, and they are relied upon each and every day, for numerous parts of vehicles. It is not just the bodywork that the car plants will use these machines for, but also the details behind the body, that require highly detailed parts, which must be perfectly fabricated.


Because of the wide range of materials which an EDM machine can work with such as plastic, glass, cement and steel, it is the perfect option for the construction and architecture industry. Architects are all about the details, knowing that just a millimeter of difference could result in a sub-standard result for their project. This attention to detail is exactly why they look to the finest products out there, for the manufacturing and fabrication of various aspects of their construction project, and why EDM machines are so heavily used in this endeavor.

With technology changing on a daily basis, these machines will only continue to get smarter, faster and ultimately, better.