Integrity Heating and Cooling – The Importance of a Pre-Summer Checkup


Each year I try to do a check on my cooling systems in the home and I would usually take this on in April time, just before the summer months hit. As luck would have it, or bad luck in this case, last year I failed to carry out this vital check on my air conditioning units and as you can probably guess, they gave up on me. This caused a great amount of problems for me in the home, especially in the searing heat here in Mokena, Il. And so, this is why I want to take minute to talk about why you need to be checking your cooling systems ahead of the summer months.


When it comes to integrity heating and cooling systems companies aren’t always on the front foot and this means that when there is an emergency, such as the one which I had last year, there is a temptation for them to charge you an additional price because of your urgent situation. Last year I would say that I paid probably 3 times over the odds for both replacement parts and the labor which was required to fit them, because I was so desperate to have the work completed and to cool my house down again. If you check your AC systems in April then you can count on getting well priced labor and parts if there is a problem, and you can also ensure that you don’t find yourself in an emergency situation.


From the moment that my cooling system broke to the time that it was fixed took 4 days, 4 very difficult days which meant that I could hardly sleep and that I was spending a lot of money on AC unit rentals. If it is hot and the AC stops working then you will find it uncomfortable, the house can get stuffy and in most cases, we ended up trying to spend as much time outside of the house as we possibly could. Checking your cooling system in April or May means that you will not have to go through these difficult days when your systems break down, and although 4 days may not seem too long, I can tell you that they most certainly are when there is no AC to rely on.


This wasn’t the case in our situation, but a broken AC unit can actually be very dangerous because sometimes they will emit dangerous chemicals and gases. If you don’t realize until August that your cooling system is broken for example, you will have spent two or three months ingesting these chemicals which can play havoc with your respiratory system and can even cause illness and disease.

Make sure that you don’t leave it too late to get your cooling systems checked out, pick a day n April or May and make sure that you check the system over, or call in the professionals to do it for you.