How Best Version Media Deliver The Perfect Culture For Their Workforce


Best Version Media is an international publishing company who design, create and print micro tag magazines for niche industries, communities and businesses. The company does very well within their sector, and they have gained wide acclaim for the positive and exciting culture which they have created within the business. We live in a world whereby companies can live and die based on their online reviews, especially when it comes to employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor. The Best Version Media reviews on Glassdoor are absolutely outstanding and many companies should take a leaf from their book in how they manage the culture within the workforce. Let’s have a look at what kind of feedback the employees give as to why they love working here so much.

Work/Fun Balance

There are many workplaces around the world where the idea of injecting fun into proceedings appears as though they are encouraging people to do less work, and as a result they are left with a sullen and faceless culture which employees do not enjoy. Best Version Media however understands perfectly that in order to keep your workforce happy you must inject some fun from time to time and they have struck a great balance between hard work and good fun. They celebrate success together and attend events, within the workplace there is a vibrant social scene and they have introduced lost of fun activities which employees love.


Much of the culture here at Best Version Media is centered around the team unit rather than the individuals within it. If you think about it these people spend most of their lives in the workplace and so doing all that you can to ensure that they have positive relationships with other team members. Best Version Media has the family ethos that so many companies would like to implement and this gives the employees the chance to form bonds and strong relationships, as well as giving them a network of support which they can count on both professionally and personally.

Inclusion and Value

Staff want to feel like you value them and it is up to the company to make sure that all team members feel this way. Best Version Media staff feel very valued and the business has implemented some very simple techniques to make sure that their staff do feel this way. A perfect example would be the level of inclusion which the staff feel, which has been created thanks to team meetings and an open and honest approach from the management who will regularly consult and update the staff on anything that the business is doing. Furthermore staff feel as though they can come forward with ideas or new ways of working and that they will be listened to. In doing this you not only make your workforce feel valued but you can also encourage a more confident and open-minded team.