International Travel During The Pandemic

With most of the world essentially closing down in 2020, many people are itching to get more stamps in their passports now that 2021 is in full swing. Traveling today, however, is slightly different than the traveling you may be used to. Even the most seasoned traveler will need to take note of new travel restrictions and guidelines.

Do Your Homework

Before you pack, make sure you do your homework. Most of the previous regulations are still in effect, such as limitations to onboard liquids, it’s best to check with your specific airline to see what new restrictions are in place. When packing, make sure you pack smart. Keep any items that aren’t acceptable for your carry-on baggage in your checked luggage; otherwise, rest assured, those items will be confiscated at the gate. Pack smart! Anything you may need at the airport, such as a charger or sweater, should be in your carry-on.

Be sure all of your travel documents are in order. Double-check the details of the expiration date on your passport. You can also ask a travel agent important questions like how long does global entry last? The more details you can make sure are up to par prior to travel, you can make sure to avoid certain pitfalls along the way.

Choose your destination wisely and understand if their borders are open to international travel. If they are, do they have any safeguards in place? Some countries will only allow visitors who can prove they’ve been vaccinated. If your destination is simply listed as “open” that means they are receptive to both vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors. Keep in mind some countries have stricter access even if they are an available destination.

Consult useful traveler tools such as an interactive map that will clearly show you which countries are open to American visitors and if they require either quarantine, vaccination upon arrival, or proof of vaccination.

Be Safe

Even if you’ve ticked all the boxes and are ready to head to the airport, always keep safety in the forefront of your mind. Most airlines or public transit establishments require travelers to wear a mask.

Don’t forget to respect social distancing guidelines. If you are only partially vaccinated, avoid crowded areas and indoor dining. Experts also sternly advise being tested both before and after traveling.

Avoid Pitfalls

The world is continuing to learn more about the pandemic because it’s an ever-evolving situation. The best authority on the safest destinations is the Department of State. Heed the advice listed on the website as it applies to Americans. Travel details are outlined by various destinations as well as any requirements and recommendations of specific countries.

Read the fine print! Make sure you understand the cancellation policy of your airline. If you are using a travel agent, be sure to check the airline’s site directly for any exclusions or exceptions due to coronavirus. The last thing you want is to lose money because you have to change your ticket for some reason.

Choose accommodations that you are most comfortable with. If you have the opportunity to have a suite with a kitchenette, private pool or even beachfront, you can still enjoy your time away and social distance at the same time. Just like knowing the cancelation policy of the airline, you want to check the same details for your home away from home.

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and can’t wait to get away, it can be done safely. Make sure you check the minute details to avoid costly mistakes and get ready to enjoy seeing the world again.