The Unforgettables: What You Need to Pack for a Trip to Alberta, Canada

A visit to Banff is an essential part of any Trip to Alberta ... photo by CC user Audree on wikimedia commons

If you’re planning a trip to Alberta, Canada, anytime soon, here are a few must-have items that you should include in your packing list.

Hiking Gear in Red Deer

Red Deer, Alberta, is overflowing with natural wonders and wildlife that any traveler will want to take advantage of during their trip. This means you’ll need to be sure to bring your hiking boots and any other gear that you might need for your adventures here. Binoculars would also be a wise investment for when you come across a wild bison or deer. After a day surrounded by nature, head back to one of these Red Deer hotels for the night.

Swimwear in Banff

Banff, Alberta, is home to some of the most breathtaking water and mountain views in all of North America. This includes Lake Minnewanka, Vermilion Lakes, Sulphur Mountain, Johnson Lake, and Mount Rundle. One of the top tourist attractions for nature lovers is Banff Hot Springs. Even though it is typically cold for most of the year here, you’ll want to bring your bathing suit. The hot springs are a great way to spend a chilly day — you’ll get the chance to experience the water even if it is bitterly cold outside. Dry off and head to one of these Banff hotels for a relaxing evening.

Dress for Warmth in Edmonton

Just as you would for a trip to anywhere in Canada, packing warm clothes is a must when you visit Edmonton, Alberta. Here it is especially essential because you will have the opportunity to do lots of sightseeing to places like Winspear Centre, Fort Edmonton Park, William Hawrelak Park, TELUS World of Science, and Royal Alberta Museum. The list of things to do here goes on and on, so stay warm and comfy by bringing the appropriate clothing. After a day out in the cold, you’ll be able to warm up in one of these popular hotels in Edmonton.

Stay Dry in Canmore

Canmore, Alberta, is as close as it comes to heaven for someone who loves nature. You could stay busy for months in this town and never run out places to explore. Some of the top wildlife adventures here are Rat’s Nest Cave, Grassi Lakes, Ha Ling Peak, Upper Kananaskis Lake, and Grotto Canyon. With this in mind, be sure to bring some waterproof clothing and footwear. There is a good chance you’ll encounter some snow or water on one of your outdoor excursions. Choose from one of these Canmore hotels to start planning your adventure.

Shop ‘til you Drop in McMurray

McMurray is home to some of the best restaurants and shopping in all of Alberta. You know what this means…be sure to bring your cash and credit cards. During your visit, you’ll want to take advantage of everything this city has to offer. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to save some money by booking with one of these McMurray hotels.