Is Your Business Destined for the Cloud?

Is Your Business Destined for the Cloud? Maybe ... Photo by CC users and

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What defines you as a smart business owner?

For some running companies, they will tell you that hiring the best and brightest employees is what sets them apart from the competition.

Others, meantime, will tell you that their advertising and marketing campaigns have enabled them to outdistance competitors.

Still others will hang their hats on always staying within budget, allowing them to avoid financial meltdowns.

While all of these points are valid, another important facet of being a smart business owner is always looking to technology. Notably, how can technology help my company get better?

One technology that has been helping countless companies get ahead and stay ahead in recent years is the Cloud.

So, is your business destined for the Cloud?

Cloud Engineering More Success Stories

For those businesses turning to the Cloud, the future looks even brighter.

Businesses looking to use Cloud services can be assured that they will have a platform to meet their ever-growing workloads.

With the proper hosted Cloud environment, you can construct things in order to meet each and every task put in front of your business.

In using the Cloud, your business can:

      • Decrease overall expenses – The Cloud allows you to pick and choose which services you truly need, thereby avoiding paying for tech resources you are not going to use. You also steer clear of excessive I.T. personnel costs given the Cloud provider is tasked with overseeing maintenance. Lastly, you avoid shelling out money for significant hardware needs over time, instead working with a fixed rate on just the services you truly need and will be using;

      • Protect data – Find a business owner in today’s world of cyber-attacks and identity theft who is not at least a little concerned over such crimes happening to his or her company. With the Cloud, your security is enhanced, along with backing up data in the event there is a sudden loss of important company and/or customer information. If you may have been lax in protecting your company’s data up to this point, yet have not had any breaches due to cyber-criminals, consider yourself lucky. The Cloud allows you to back up your data, even protecting it should a natural disaster occur. Given a data breach can prove traumatic for your business, having as much security in place as possible only makes sense;

      • Enjoy uninhibited access – Turning to the Cloud permits remote access for you and all employees permitted access to files, folders etc. One thing that has hamstrung some businesses over the years is limited access to work data. For example, an employee who is out on the road meeting clients or traveling to conferences/trade shows, he or she oftentimes needs access to company files. With the Cloud in play, they can connect to the information they need via any locale that offers Internet service. By having server access 365 days a year, employees can better serve you and of course your customers. Such access will also impress clients when one or more of your employees are with them. Instead of telling a current or potential client that you can’t help them until your employees is back in the office, he or she can serve them on the spot. From highlighting your company’s website at trade shows and client meetings to accessing important files when meeting with current or potential clients, the Cloud allows your employees and clients to see how tech-savvy your business truly is;

      • Do away with excess waste – Even though you never want to label employees as excess waste, the truth is the Cloud allows your business to be more efficient. By deploying the Cloud, your company can speed up its necessary tasks, all the while cutting back on I.T. services and other such needs. Given that speed to get projects done is oftentimes the deciding factor in whether or not you keep a number of your clients, the Cloud delivers you that speed and then some. By also moving away from such dependency on I.T. needs, you can use some of the expenses originally intended there in other facets of your business.


As your business needs change over the years, having the Cloud by your side gives you consistency and the ability to get more done with less time and resources.