Don’t Be Camera Shy About Video Promotions

Photo by CC user United States Navy (ID 090623-N-6403R-003)

What goes into your efforts to promote your brand on a regular basis?

Some businesses turn to email marketing. Others look at social media as a great way to push their brands. Still other businesses are delving into mobile marketing as a means to lure more customers.

While all of those marketing tactics can prove beneficial to giving your brand the added attention it needs and deserves, where are video promotions on your to-do list?

With the right mixture of marketing and video promotions to back up those marketing initiatives, your brand can stand out from the crowd.

The big question then turns to who exactly is behind the camera?

Hire the Pros if You Want Results

Even though some companies are perfectly fine with shooting their own videos to sell their brands, many others know that having professionals shooting and directing the promotions can make the difference in a stellar video and a so-so one.

With that in mind, how can you turn your video promotions into winners that consumers simply can’t ignore?

For starters, check out some video production studios to see which one will best suit your needs.

Look at factors like how long they have been in business, what size staff they have; do they have a solid reputation in the company, what is their level of customer service? These are all important areas to get a handle on before selecting one to work with.

Once you have your video production company selected, the next step (and certainly just as important as having the right company working with you) is determining what kind of message you want to send consumers regarding your brand.

Keep in mind that today’s consumers literally get hit over the head daily with brand pitches. What will make your pitch stand head and shoulders above all the rest?

Your video should offer consumers the following:

  • Message – You need a message that differs from the competition. What is it about your product/s or service/s that consumers will most benefit from? Spell it out in a way that doesn’t leave them with any second thoughts about which business to buy or rent from. For example, if you’re an airline looking to fill more seats, why should travelers come to you for their travel needs? Is your airline the best when it comes to on-time arrivals and departures? Does your airline offer more comfortable travel experiences? Do your flight attendants go out of their way to make customers feel welcome each and every time they step onboard the plane? Make it clear why your brand is the one for consumers;

  • Visuals – Face it; there is enough bad news in the world today that consumers want to have some good vibes in their lives. Is your video promotion going to showcase happy people or people who look like they would rather be anywhere else but in the shots you are filming? While some subjects certainly do take on a serious tone when being filmed, most videos should incur happy people and happy times. Even if you run a medical practice or hospital, find some reasons for patients to smile when shooting a video. Yes, there are some sad stories that come out of jobs in the medical field, but there are also countless feel-good stories that you can film, giving people who see the video/s hope about their particular situations;

  • Connections – Finally, how can your brand connect with consumers, especially given all the competition you likely have in your line of work? When brands connect with people each and every day, the consumer is more apt to buy or rent that product and/or service. Using ordinary people in your videos is a great way to connect with the people you are trying to reach. When someone views one of your videos and feels like the person or persons in the production could just as easily be them, your chances of winning their business increases.

    Video promotions can be one of the best means in which you can attract and retain business.

    If you have not already, find some video professionals and shoot a simple 30 or 60-second feature.

    You might be quite surprised how that time and effort translates into more dollars for your brand.