Ryan Shephard – Doctors Behind The Scenes

We all know doctors to be some of the finest and most respected professionals in the world but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? Doctors see many things that most of us would not be able to cope with yet day after day these men and women offers services to the public which go above and beyond what any human should be able to deal with. My roommate Ryan Shephard is a wonderful doctor and living with him, I often get an insight into what is happening away from the hospital, something which I wanted to share with you.


I have never seen tiredness from anyone that I know more so than I do with my roomie, we all know that doctors must work incredibly long hours yet none of us see what goes on behind closed doors. I have seen my buddy walking into walls and doors as a result of this fatigue and to watch a doctor suffer like this is something which more people should understand. Worse yet is when he tells me that he cannot sleep, even after being awake for more than 24 hours, his brain is trying hard to process everything that goes on each day that it simply won’t allow him to rest.

Speed of Thought

Although it is their profession the speed of thought which my roomie has is simply incredible, and not just when related to health issues. I can clearly remember one night when we were out for a few drinks and an elderly man arrested right there on the street. Ryan wasn’t exactly drunk but to say he was at his best would be a huge overstatement, nonetheless he reacted as quick as a flash and began engaging in CPR, which ultimately brought the man back before the ambulance took him away. The idea that you are never off duty is simply astonishing and were it not for that attribute the old man would sadly have perished.


I have lived with Ryan since he was in medical school and after he had graduated I remember remarking to him that he will be happy to put the books down. Ryan responded by telling me that I couldn’t have been farther from the truth and he was right, I have never seen someone study as much as he does. The reason behind this is that medicine is always advancing and moving forward and he must stay abreast with what is going on. Just imagine having a tough day at work, slogging for over 12 hours in some of the most emotionally challenging of situations, and then coming home to get your head down and study.

These men and women are some of the finest people in the world and whilst they do have our respect based on the position that they hold, they deserve a whole lot more of it for how they live their lives.