John Kang Liquidmetal Supporter on Tech in the Medical World


At a recent medical conference I was very lucky to be able to sit down and have a chat with the splendid and highly professional John Kang Liquidmetal supporter and a man who is responsible for so much good within the medical world. John Kang is someone who I have respected for a very long time and he is a doctor who specializes in oncology and who has been very vocal about the need for tech investment in the medical world. John Kang MC spoke to me for almost an hour about the need for investment in medical tech and these are just some of the reasons why he believes that we must do more.


Ultimately when new technology is released it is because it solves a problem either by speeding up a process or finding a new and more effective way of working. At the moment the biggest issue which many hospitals around the country are facing is that they do not have enough space for all of the patients. In the most part this is because we are filling up our hospitals with people who do not actually need hospital care. If we can remove this issue then we can solve the issue around wait times and we can make sure that people can get the care that they deserve.


In the last 20 years it has become very apparent just how important diagnosis is in medicine and there are so many diseases which exist that have a higher probability of being cured if it is diagnosed early. This is why the landscape in terms of research has shifted ever so slightly from treatment options to diagnosis. For John Kang he believes that if we invest in newer and more efficient technology that we can better diagnose our patients which will mean less reliance on treatments, and a higher success rate at curing illnesses.

Automated Treatment

One of the most phenomenal technological advancements that we have made in recent years has been the arrival of a small chip which can administer insulin to diabetes sufferers. The way that this works is that it is placed into the body where it monitors the blood sugar levels of the patient and then ups or reduces the amount of insulin based on this metric. What this has done for diabetes sufferers is to give then confidence and in turn it has enabled hospitals to free up space which previously may have been occupied by diabetes sufferers.


For John Kang Web MD is a major breakthrough in educating the public about illness and disease and it is his belief that through higher investment in technological advancement such as AI, we can further educate people on a wide range of health complaints. Better education leads to people looking after themselves more and that in turn can help to have a healthier public and less pressure on our hospitals.