John Peck Legacy Lawyers – Finding an Elder Law Attorney in Wilmington North Carolina

If you are elderly or have an elderly parent who live in Wilmington North Carolina and are in need of legal advice relating to healthcare, financial or estate planning, you need the services of an Elder Law attorney. These highly trained professionals specialize in a number of issues that affect the elderly and the disabled, such as health care and long-term care planning, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. They are also expert in financial and estate planning. Additionally Elder Law attorneys like John Peck Legacy Lawyers focus on the daily issues that are common with the elderly like assisted living and life planning.

Selecting an Elder Law attorney can be difficult. Many of the decisions regarding parents and those who are disabled are emotional and need additional care and thought. You need an attorney who not only is capable but has the right demeanor. Here are some things to look for as you search for an Elder Law attorney.


Elderly people move more slowly end demand more time to move through complicated processes. Many of the issues that an Elder Law attorney will deal with are complicated and require lots of interaction, paperwork, and focus. In order to be effective in elderly law attorney must have a high degree of patience and be prepared to take whatever time is needed in order to get all of the necessary things required to assist the elderly or disabled person. When you interview Elder Law attorneys want to make sure that they are patient and thorough regarding questions you ask and the time you need to make a decision. How they act in your interview with them will certainly determine how they act going forward with you or your elderly loved one.


The laws in Wilmington North Carolina pertaining to mini issues involving the elderly are complicated, and cases related to them require thorough investigation, and a detailed approach to understanding the best course of action. An Elder Law attorney must be very thorough and prepared to examine everything related to the particular case in deep detail. This again will take time, patience, and a desire to get a good outcome for the client. Any attorney you select should be very detail-oriented. When they ask you questions about your loved ones case, the questions should focus on the small details as well as the larger ones. This gives you an indication that the lawyer will be extremely detailed and thorough when working on your loved ones case.


Elder Law cases will often involve situations where there’s a high level of emotion. Perhaps the case is related to an issue at a nursing home, or your loved ones healthcare, or estate planning that affects you and other members of the family. These types of cases can bring emotion to the Forefront and they need to be met with understanding and compassion by the attorney. This compassion translates in two more patience and the desire to work even harder by the attorney.

John Peck Legacy Lawyers has a reputation for being thorough compassionate and patient regarding their Elder Law clients. When you combine this with their skills of understanding the law and winning cases for their elderly patients, it makes them an excellent choice for you to consider.