John Robert Powers – What They Do Differently

John Robert Powers was a famous actor in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries and he had a vision of creating a talent company which would be different from the rest. He decided that it would be based in his home town because for John Robert Powers Chicago was where he said all the talent could be found and he also wanted it to become successful. What has become of the John Robert Powers school is far more than even the man himself could ever dreamed of and the star quality which the school has provided for almost one hundred years has surely surpassed all of the expectations which he could have had. So what is it that is special about this academy which has resulted in it being here for an incredible 100 years, let’s take a look.

Structural Values

This is a school which has very strong core principles and values in a world where that is tough to find. These values have been in place since John Robert Powers first started the business and they focus on honesty and high quality talent given the right training and help in order for it to grow.


The John Robert Powers school has never been one to follow trends and they are in fact usually at the heart of setting trends for themselves. Throughout the years they have been able to sniff out the next trend and take a chance on them enough times that it has more than paid off. Some agencies like to follow trends but at John Robert Powers, they are busy looking at the next one.


The members of the management team at the John Robert Powers have almost always featured one person or more who has come up through the ranks and this is something which they have always endeavored to do. In doing this they can ensure that those core morals and values are protected because they are being imposed by someone who has learned all about them. This is something which many agencies could learn from and it represents perfect and seamless continuity between the generations.


You don’t get to achieve almost 100 years in this treacherous industry without having some friends on your side and they have managed to create a large network of contacts which it can count on. To gain this the school has provided some of the best talent in the industry for many years and they have proven their worth to a large number of companies and individuals. They say that it isn’t what you know but who you know and in the case of the John Robert Powers, the people who they know have helped them to find the success which they have.

There is no reason at all why we won’t be having this conversation about the school and its success in another 100 years!