Why Your Business Experts Should Join Your PRINCE2 Projects

Finding the best way to use their business experts is one of the toughest challenges for many companies. These are the people who know the processes and the systems inside out, but how can that knowledge best be used.

One possible way of ensuring that you use their experience to the maximum is by letting them join your projects. This approach has a number of fantastic benefits associated with it that are well worth taking into account.

To Use Their Experience

It is clear that any project will benefit from having the experience of experts on board. After all, these are the people who know exactly what is needed to make the system work exactly as they want it to be.

Project workers could spend hours investigating something that an end user already knows. Adding a business expert to your project lets them use their wealth of expertise to guide the direction of the project and answer crucial questions.

This is especially important when the PRINCE2 team is made up of people who have spent their whole careers working on projects. Other methodologies, such as Agile, are built around regular meeting with business representatives. With PRINCE2, it is essential that you make an effort to get the business area involved.

To Give Them New Skills

Your business experts have probably worked in the same environment for a number of years. This is great in the sense that they will have a lot of specific knowledge that you can draw upon to make the projects better.

However, maybe they will feel jaded after a while and be looking for a fresh new challenge. One way of providing this is by putting them on PRINCE2 Training Cardiff , where they will learn all about the full project lifecycle instead of their usual work routine.

This should also give you a lot of added flexibility when it comes to moving around team members. Being able to call on business experts who also understand the project world is great news for any business.

To Encourage a Greater Sense of Teamwork

It is no secret that business teams and project teams can end up at loggerheads. While they each want what is best for the company, it is often the case that they have differing opinions on how best to achieve this.

Moving business experts into the project area is one way of avoiding tension in this respect. This is a smart of letting the different teams get to know each other and trust one another.

Even the users who aren’t directly involved in any projects can feel more comfortable when they see that their colleagues are working on projects. In the long run, this can help to foster a greater sense of team spirit throughout the whole company.

To Keep Everyone Happy

Perhaps the best way of summing up this issue is by saying that it is a way of keeping everyone in the business happier. Project team members will enjoy having business experts to call on, and they in turn will be pleased to be able contribute to the project.

The end result should be better projects that more closely fit the needs of the business area. With everyone working together in harmony, it is far more likely that the solutions produced are exactly what is needed.

This will also help you to avoid conflict between the different parts of the business, and the bad feeling that this can generate. Happier projects and more satisfied end users are a recipe for solid progress and a stronger company overall.