How Joining the Sharing Economy Can Save You Money

Since the inception of the internet and the creation of the World’s largest community, peer-to-peer based sharing of goods and services has borne the existence of a sharing economy. A sharing economy, in essence, is an economy that relies and thrives on a community, recently this term has been used to refer to any business to consumer transaction that takes place online, and whilst this is true, it is in its purest form that it can help the wider community to save money, help the environment and boost the economy.

Here are some ways that getting involved in this sharing economy (the chances are that you already are involved, perhaps unknowingly,)can save you money.


Space Rental

Successful companies such as AirBnb are the perfect example of how the sharing economy can boost company profits and the finances of individuals and they provide the perfect way for you to save or make some money.

If you are a home-owner then consider renting out a spare room on these types of websites, the websites have a strong level of security attached to them such as review systems, so you won’t need to run the risk of having bad tenants like in the past.

If you are looking for a place to live then utilize these sites and the same review system works both ways so that you can ensure you stay with someone that will look after your interest. Utilizing space in this way also helps the environment as there will be less need to build housing on green belt land if more people use the space that already exists.

Car Sharing

With petrol prices climbing, carbon emissions increasing and more and more cars on the road, there has never been a better time to get involved in car sharing, grouping up with others who take the same or a similar journey to you, all in one car instead of 3 or 4.

There are lots of handy apps available that can put you in touch with fellow riders and you can also find great products that offer excellent functions like fixed-route pricing to avoid any confusion for riders. Car sharing not only saves the individuals money on fuel and car maintenance but it also helps the environment though the reduction of emissions.


A sharing economy is all about splitting responsibility, sharing costs, information, products and services, one of the purest forms of a sharing economy is the practice of swapping, giving away things that you no longer need to someone who does, and exchanging them for something that you want or need. Swapping has become increasing popular in recent year with ‘swapping parties’ taking place throughout the World where people are exchanging clothes, appliances, gadgets and everything in between.

Just a quick search online will find you the swapping parties taking place near you and if you can’t find any then why not create one yourself. Save money, save unnecessary waste and meet new people, perfect.