Gifts to Buy For Cigar Aficionados 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life who enjoys the finery of cigars, then we have some great ideas for you to consider. Cigar smoking is a pastime which allows people to take some time out of their busy lives, to sit down, relax and to enjoy a finely made product, each of which offering a different flavor profile. This is something which many take very seriously and it is why a gift which relates to cigar smoking is sure to go down very well indeed. Here are some options which you could consider for the cigar smoker in your life.

Cigar Whisky Set 

Whilst not all cigar smokers will drink as they enjoy their stogie, there is a large percentage of them who do, which makes a cigar whisky set a perfect gift. Whisky glasses which are monogramed and feature a small ridge on which to place a cigar don’t just look the part, but they really help to set the mood for a smoke. 

Butane Lighter

A high quality butane lighter is critical to being able to enjoy a cigar, as it provides a hearty flame which the cigar needs to fully light. This kind of rolled tobacco requires much more than a disposable lighter and you can be sure that this gift will be used time and time again by the recipient.

Personalized Storage Box

For anyone who truly enjoys smoking cigars, buying in bulk is essential in order to save money on their favorite pastime. Now of course these cigars have to be stored somewhere, and that is why a personalized storage case makes for such a great gift. The boxes themselves are items of beauty and they are as much a centerpiece as a cigar holder. 

Classy Cigar Holders

Cigar holders will help to ensure that the person smoking it keeps their hands fresh and clean after they have finished, and not having the thick tobacco scent which the cigar emits. Holders can be bought in basic materials such as plastic but for the perfect gift, look for a much higher quality material which has been designed with class in mind. 

Pairing Guide

Much like food and drink, cigars can be paired with a wide range of spirits, especially when it comes to whisky and brandy. Having this knowledge helps people to take their cigar smoking to new levels, and that is why a book which is dedicated to pairings is going to make for a perfect gift. Currently one of the highest rated books which discusses this is Carlos Batista’s work ‘Whisky, Cognac and Cigars’ although many more are available. 

And finally of course it would be remiss of us not to mention the easiest gift to buy in this category, which are cigars themselves. If you know what their favorite stogie of choice is, then buy all means grab a packet and help to make sure that their stock levels remain healthy.