What is it Like to Work under a Contractor?

Working for an established painting company is a great way to earn extra money. But it is not nearly as pleasant as you believe. Yes, some things will open your eyes to a brave new world, but take that as a learning experience and test your mettle. Speaking of which, following is a brief explanation of how contractors handle their employees.

What Can You Expect to Learn?

Most newcomers are attracted to work under a contractor because of the high holiday season. Unfortunately, they are in for a rude awakening because the contractor takes to hold off most of the money.

The contractor can pay a decent rate per hour. But, they will keep a real close eye on you, and might even annoy you. Most contractors don’t train their work; they just expect them to do a good job. But if there is a newcomer on the team, they will be paid in peanuts. So yes, you are mostly left on your own.

What Should You Know?

You know you need work and are desperate to make money. This desperation will hold you back as you won’t ask your employer some necessary. Why? It’s because you are afraid you may annoy him and lose the job. However, there are some basic things you should make clear.

  • If you learn how much the contract makes out of each deal, you can ask him for a better cut. You may need to take some extra supervisory duties, but it never hurts to see a supervisory cutting from their piece of share
  • Learn what your contractor promised the client. If the customer is under the expression all his problems will be sorted out, then make sure you do your best to please him, and make sure if he needs anything else in the future, he will contact you guys only
  • Learn how long the customer expects this job will take, and shorten the period to impress him. But be aware, sometimes contractors make promises that are impossible for workers to live up to. Worse, if the workers fail to deliver, the contractors make it seem like the fault was on their end, not his
  • Assure you have good ventilation while you work on a project, even if you work with non-toxic Paysons Painting. Moreover, as you use your arms and muscles in a repetitive motion, you should take a few stretch breaks
  • If you are set to start early in the morning without your contractor, take waste an hour setting up. Yes, the customer will think you are just hanging out, and it will make you look really bad. You can take breaks, but remember what you are charging your customer, and provide him good value for his money
  • Before you start painting anything, take care of the minor repairs, and ensure your customer is satisfied with the end product. This way you won’t have to do touch-ups on a completed project. This will save you from a lot of frustration.