New Year’s Day: Emergency Beauty Tips

Cold weather, rich food, late nights and drinking. They’re all bad for your skin and they’re all key components of a great NYE party. It seems inevitable that you’ll be wearing the evidence of your legendary New Year’s Eve on your face well into 2019, but it’s not the case!

With a bit of preparation, planning and care, you can avoid that damage and start the new year looking your best!


If you’ve really been planning ahead you’ll have booked in for a relaxing, rejuvenating detox facial treatment on January the 1st. While your friends are trying to shift the hangover of a lifetime, if you can just make it out the door you can put yourself in the hands of professionals who can draw out the toxins lurking beneath the surface and leave your skin plump, healthy and moisturised.

If you really want to rub it in, invite your friends round for takeaway that evening and let them bask in your healthy glow.


One of the most dramatic effects a hangover has is dehydration. Hangovers are caused largely by your brain itself being so dehydrated it shrinks in your skull – hence the pounding headache of the morning after. If it can do that to your brain, imagine what it can do to your skin.

One of the most important things you can do to effect the most dramatic signs of a late night out is drink water: drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink, sip a pint of it before you go to sleep and keep a glass on your bedside table through the night. If you keep hydrated, you can stop your skin drying out and looking less than your best.

Looking the Problem in the Eyes

Perhaps the most visible indicator that you’ve been up late can be found in your eyes. Puffy skin and dark shadows under your eyes instantly mark you out as a stop out, so if you only attack one sign of tiredness, make it this one.

There are plenty of ways to restore the usual status quo, or even fake alertness if you need to!

Eyeliner can work wonders: dark colours, like navy on your upper lash lines contrasted with white on your lower lids sharpens the whites of your eyes, and makes you look awake, alert and ready for anything, neatly counteracting any dullness a night on the tiles may have conjured up.

If you’re looking for a quick way to bring a naturally healthy flush to your face, hang your head over the side of the bed for a few seconds. While it’s not recommended if you’re feeling nauseous, it uses gravity to get your blood where you need and make your skin glow for a healthy first impression first thing in the morning!