What Injuries Can You Sustain Due to Paragard Removal?

Paragard is a small IUD device with copper as an active ingredient. The copper is toxic to the sperms and eggs and works to prevent pregnancy. There is always a risk of injury while implanting and removing the paragard. Here we have discussed injuries you can sustain due to paragard removal. 

Perforation of the Uterus 

It refers to the accidental piercing of the thick uterus wall, usually by one of the broken away pieces of the Paragard IUD device. 

Surgical Removal 

The Paragard IUD device breaks into pieces during removal, and they get trapped inside your uterus. In some cases, the doctor has to perform invasive surgery to remove the broken IUD pieces. 

Copper Wire Left Behind

As mentioned earlier, the IUD device has a copper wire, which is the IUD device’s main element. During removal, the copper wire gets left behind inside the body, and the doctor has to perform surgery to remove it. 


The broken parts of the IUD device lead to infections that could develop into complicated health issues. 

Organ Damage 

The Paragard IUD device’s breakage during removal and the leftover parts inside the uterus can cause irreversible damage to the uterus or other organs in which they get stuck. 

These are a severe form of injuries sustained in Paragard removal. Other injuries that women sustain are migration of devices and scarring. 

What Legal Rights Women Have if Injured During Paragard Removal?

Any medical treatment that we receive is expected to improve our health and well-being. No one expects permanent injury, emotional distress, or invasive surgery just because you used IUD. Women who endured pain and injuries due to improperly planted IUD or defective IUD also have legal rights. 

Teva Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Paragard IUD, faces several lawsuits as it failed to warn the patients that the IUD device could break during removal. According to Paragard Lawyers, there are strict deadlines to filing cases in Paragard IUD removal, and you are needed to act quickly

What Is the Future of Paragard Lawsuits?

There are thousands of complaints to the FDA and hundreds of litigations against the Paragard IUD manufacturer for putting people’s lives at risk. Despite thousands of consumer complaints, the company has not recalled the product nor taken any steps to remedy the defect. 

Till now, there are no legal settlements for Paragard lawsuits. The opposite party starts the negotiations after the cases go to trial. Many Paragard Lawyers are fighting for the highest compensation for their clients as no amount can be sufficient for injuries to women’s reproductive health. 

What Kind of Lawsuits Can Be Filed for Injuries Sustained During Paragard Removal?

According to experienced attorneys, you can file individual lawsuits for injuries sustained due to Paragard removal. However, laws change with states, and North Georgia has enacted legislation that categorizes these lawsuits as multi-district litigation. The name of the MDL is Paragard IUD Products Liability Litigation, and the MDL number is 2974.

One advantage of MDL is it speeds up court proceedings. However, MDLs are not class actions, and cases remain separate. 

To sum up, if you are a Paragard IUD victim, you need to contact a lawyer at the earliest to discuss your case and get you justice.