Nine University Reviews – The Clear Benefits of Selling Through Amazon FBA

More and more people are waking up to the great opportunity that presents itself in the form of Amazon FBA, and the amount of money that they could be making if they decide to take this route. In fact we are not just seeing a rise in people who wish to launch a business in this field, but also people who are looking to invest in online courses to give them a better chance. Looking at the Nine University reviews many have spoken glowingly about the training that they received, and just how much it has helped them in their business. There are many benefits of selling through Amazon FBA, and this is why so many are looking at getting involved. 

Unlimited Storage Space 

Amazon have over 100 warehouses around the US alone and can offer unlimited space to businesses who are making the most of the FBA service. This means that  businesses no longer have to worry about the finding of conveniently located warehouses or the costs that are associated with them. Naturally costs will rise for storage if products are low selling, but in the main the costs are far lower than a business may have to pay for straight up storage. 

Fast Shipping 

Small businesses normally have to pass the full shipping costs on to the customer when in order for speedy delivery, as they do not have the capital to help reduce the cost. The option therefore is either slow delivery or expensive shipping. Amazon take this choice away and ensure that they will be able to deliver quickly, without hitting the customer in the pocket too hard. 

Customer Service

Amazon FBA take care of all logistics and shipping but they are also able to take care of returns and customer queries. This helps businesses out massively in terms of reducing the need to have staff in place to handle returns. Amazon also offers excellent customer support, with round the clock service which customers can reach via email, phone and even live chat. Not only does this give the customer great support but it also gives businesses a real professionalism which customers will remember. 

Low Cost 

Something which many business owners also love about Amazon FBA is that they can get started with just a small investment. On average over 20% of people who are selling on Amazon got started with less than $1000. The reason why they are able to do that is because Amazon take care of so much of the process, removing the need for additional investment. This not only makes it enticing for so many to get started, but it also helps to make profit much quicker. 

Amazon’s Popularity 

One of the most compelling reasons why people love FBA is because of the success of Amazon, and the more popular and successful that they become, the more money its vendors are able to make. 

If you have dreams of owning your own business, Amazon FBA could certainly be a great choice for you, those success stories you have heard about are not a scam at all, this is the real deal and you can make yourself some great money through this means.