Attending b-school for a Master’s degree is not a task that should be taken up by the faint of heart, especially if you’re planning to attend part time while you work. It is however for the ambitious, the driven, and the entrepreneurial. There are plenty of reasons to take a part time MBA, especially if you already live and work in a bustling financial and business centre like Toronto. You can use your salary to offset the cost of tuition, you won’t be left looking for a job after you’ve finished your degree, you continue to gain practical work experience while expanding your perspective and education in business administration theory, and you finish with the qualifications that give you the ability to take the next leap into management or executive roles in your industry.

Organization is the key to balancing a busy work-study life, but there are programs out there that make it easier to manage juggling a job with a degree, even if you throw family into the mix. In Toronto, an alternate weekend program is offered by the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, in addition to summers (July and August) off, giving you time to not only balance your life but also take some time to recharge and start the fall term fresh and energized.

Organization is the Key to Part Time Business School

It’s possible to find MBA programs in Toronto that will fit your work and family life without compromising on the quality of your education. The part time degree offered by the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics is designed to broaden your perspective and give you keen insight into business challenges of the day. As part of the program, you will take on a consulting project as part of your coursework where you consult with a real client on a challenge they’re currently facing. The school has partnered with many organizations, most notably Walmart Canada, Manulife Financial, Ontario Power Generation, Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation, and a number of hospitals and cultural institutions. If you’re looking to break into the financial sector, you may also want to supplement your degree with a CPA designation, now available in a part time program thanks to programs such as those offered by the Lazaridis School of Business that combine coursework with CPA exam preparation. A large number of incoming MBA students are choosing to keep their jobs due to persistent uncertainty in the Canadian economy, and feel that they may be better positioned to grow if they remain in their present positions while they improve their qualifications. It’s a sound business decision to continue to work in your field and apply the lessons you learn in class to real scenarios as soon as you can, sharpening your talents and making you a more valuable asset in your current role along the way.

Despite the work and stress that a part time MBA demands, everyone who does it says they just won’t quit and wouldn’t change a thing. That’s because an MBA is one of the most powerful tools for fulfilling your career and changing your life and giving you more independence and control over your career while opening doors to new challenges. If you’re ready for a change and you’ve got what it takes, apply for a part time MBA in Toronto today.