Protecting Your Website From Hackers

Hackers can seriously impact any business at any time. A growing threat for businesses both large and small, hackers steal private data, take control of your computers or even shut down your website.

Hacking also causes tremendous damage to your reputation. Can your clients trust your website to be safe and secure with their personal and financial data?

While you’re focused on your business, hackers are focused on finding new insidious ways to hack your site. Be pro-active and hire a reputable company to handle all your website security needs. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your service provider.


Stay Updated

Website security firms reinvest much of their resources into ensuring they remain on top of the latest threats. They will monitor your site 24/7 to ensure you are always protected.

Protect your reputation

Protecting your reputation is paramount and hiring a firm that understands this is imperative. Protecting your site and letting potential hackers know its being protected with a trust seal can help deter attempts as well as boost customer confidence.

SiteLock has over 8,000,000 websites protected and is a global leader in website security. When companies become global leaders, some clients can be affected but the issue of a SiteLock Scam is baseless when considering the quality of customers and partnerships working with SiteLock.

Install a web application firewall

Software or hardware based a web application firewall (WAF) sits between your website server and the data connection and reviews every piece of data passing through it for possible red flags and threats. Not only blocking all hacking attempts but once installed, but web application firewalls also filter out other types of unwanted traffic, like spammers and malicious bots.

Install security applications.

There are security applications that can be installed that will make hacking your site harder for hackers. Some will hide your CMS, so would-be hackers can’t identify existing issues within the particular version of your CMS.

When considering your website security provider, SiteLock offers these security features and more. They have four levels of service plans that work for every size of business. Each plan includes a standard set of security features including 24/7 access to expert support staff, daily Malware scanning and automatic Malware removal, advanced website acceleration, basic DDoS protection and an easy to use multi-lingual dashboard.

While it can be a difficult road back to repair the damage done by hackers, you can prevent future attacks. Thieves are less likely to steal from people who firmly lock their homes when they leave. A little preparation and a reputable website security plan will go a long way to boosting consumer confidence and setting your site on the best footing going forward.