Where Is The Best Place to Invest Your Money?  

Invest, invest, invest, that’s what people with money are often told is the surefire way to improve their wealth. That is all good and well but there is no magic, cast iron-guaranteed way that you can invest your money and guarantee monster returns. Any form of investment requires a lot of studying on your part, studying of markets, trends, and impacts long before you part with a single cent of your cash. If investment is something that you are thinking about getting into then here are a few of the best places that you should be investing your cash.


Real Estate

Everyone always says that bricks and mortar is where you should be investing your money and they have a point, real estate is a great way of gaining great returns on your investments, providing you do it right. There are two options available for you here.

  • Commercial Real Estate

Joseph Johnson Welfont Group’s CEO is a man with great vision and business management skills who runs the successful Welfont Group commercial real estate broker company, they are the company that I use for my commercial real estate investments. These types of investments have excellent returns, investing in commercial real estate does require more outlay but the returns are also larger than residential investments. When considering where to invest your money then office space, hotels, industrial units or storage space are the types of real estate that you should be looking at.

  • Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate is the most common type of real estate investments, when looking into buying residential property you need to think about what type of investment you are looking for. Many people prefer to purchase properties that they can later rent out and continuously buy to build a strong portfolio of properties that they receive regular returns on by way of rent. Alternatively you can look at flipping properties, purchasing apartments or houses when you can find them at great prices and then selling that a higher price when the market rises. Property flipping requires market knowledge and the ability to sniff out a great deal, you also need to be prepared to wait until the right buyer is found, the hardest part is selling your property and you need to ensure that you not only have patience, but the contacts in the market to push the sale.

Oil Industry 

I’ve taken a great interest in the prices of oil over the last year and studied the market for some time, I am just about to invest some money in the oil market and I think that it is one of the best places for my money right now. I am going to invest in oil futures contracts as I think I can make some great money this way. You could also invest in oil production or sales companies with your money but make sure that you understand the market before you part with any money. I plan to invest a very low amount when I first start out until I find my feet and I’d advise you to do the same.