Put the Internet to Work When Defending Yourself

Getting accused of a crime is stressful. Put the Internet to Work When Defending Yourself and take a load off your mind...
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You likely never expected to one day find yourself fighting back against sexual crime allegations.

That said now you are in the battle of your life, one where you try and avoid prison time, a significant financial penalty, not to mention having to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

Despite the predicament you find yourself in, there is assistance out there if you know where to look for it.

By turning to the worldwide web for help, you can locate a number of criminal defense attorneys, one of which is likely to take your case and run with it.

So, are you ready to put the Internet to work when defending yourself?

Review Attorney Websites to Find the Best

So that you can get the best representation possible, where do you start?

Remember, you want to look back at some point and note that the attorney that helped me when falsely accused of a sex crime did his or her job to the best of their abilities.

Yes, there is always a chance that you will not win your case, but you want to go into it knowing you have the best legal help on your side.

When turning to the Internet for help, keep in mind that more and more criminal defense attorneys have a significant presence on the web these days.

By doing a simple Google search of keyword terms such as criminal defense attorneys, defense attorneys and other related language, you can find a number of legal experts in your area.

Many defense attorneys will not only post their legal experience, but also testimonials from satisfied clients. Reviewing the testimonials is beneficial to you, seeing how others charged with sex crimes were helped in their respective cases.

You should also take advantage of legal social media sites.

More criminal defense attorneys are discovering that social media can be used to their benefit, allowing them to promote their legal expertise and engage with potential clients.

You might also try and communicate with others looking for legal help, seeing how they are going about the process.

There are also open forums on the Internet that will involve individuals and legal experts discussing different topics around the law. You can get some insight from these discussions as they relate to your particular case.

Once you have reviewed the different options out there, take advantage of free consultations to see which defense attorney best suits you needs.

Settling on a criminal defense attorney is not rocket science, but you also do not want to just pick one out of a hat.

Keep in mind that given the seriousness of a sex crime allegation, you can’t afford to have an inexperienced and/or incompetent individual defending you. With all that is on the line regarding your freedom and your future, you want the best attorney you can find.

At your first meeting with a criminal defense attorney, be sure to provide him or her with the following:

  • Any pertinent information regarding the charges you are facing;

  • Any evidence pointing to you being innocent of the charges. This can include video evidence showing you at another location at the time of the reported sexual crime. You might also have a viable witness who can place you elsewhere too ;

  • Any blood work or other physical evidence indicating someone else is actually responsible;

  • Any information showing the accuser may be lying. Has this individual previously made such claims against other individuals? If they were found to be unsubstantiated, why is that? Although each and every sex crime allegation needs to be investigated to the fullest extent, you may have been the victim of someone trying to get back at you and filing a false report.


With all you have to lose if convicted of a sexual crime, you can’t afford to pick just any criminal defense attorney to represent you.

Make sure you do some research and find the best possible legal pro to take your case.

He or she has to have the knowledge of not only how the laws work, but also how the prosecution is likely to proceed with its case.

By turning to the Internet, you are all but assured of finding an attorney who will give you the best defense possible.