Dan DeKoter – Why are the Great Lawyers so Successful?

In every profession there are those who do exceedingly well. If you follow sports you know that some teams and some players year in and year out always lead the stats, make it to the finals, and take home the trophies. If it is a charity in Osceola County or somewhere else in Iowa that does great things for the community, you know that some always seem to be able to excel, while others never seem to be able to get it together. If it’s in the business world, the same business leaders seem to always be ahead of the pack, finding new opportunities for their companies and shareholders.

When it comes to law, the same is the case. There are those lawyers who are very confident, who win a good amount of the cases, and who make a very good living. Then there are the superstar lawyers who always seem to be on television because of an important case that they won.

What sets these lawyers apart from the pack? What are they doing that other attorneys seem unable to do consistently? How is it that they can continually win cases, no matter how difficult they appear initially?

Although skill is certainly a big part of it, what is just as important is the methodology that they apply towards approaching and winning illegal case. They each have a set of guidelines that they work within, and a number of strict approaches that they take for every case. By applying this effective set of criteria, their success is almost assured. Here’s some of the things that the top attorneys do, and some of the qualities that they possess and apply to their legal cases.

They stay focused on the goal

when the top attorney hears about your case in your first interview, he or she set a goal for the outcome. This is based on the factors learned about the case, past precedence that has been set regarding the case, end the current mood around the type of case that you have, within the jurisdiction where the case will be filed. The great attorneys know that setting the goal and staying focused on reaching that goal gives everyone involved in the case the same specific focus. The attorney assumes that the attorneys on the other side will also be very good attorneys, and so you are side must be aligned and collectively focused on a common goal.

They understand the law

Having an intimate understanding above the law always gives an attorney the edge. This is why the top attorneys are masters at both understanding and manipulating the law. They know what to do and what not to do, what to say and what to imply, and when to apply certain statutes for the greatest effect.  The top attorneys are great at setting a legal agenda and then daring the other side to challenge their assertions.  Quite often legalese and putting forward a case from a legal standpoint will convince the other side that their chances of winning are very slim. This can immediately lead to an offer of a settlement.

If you need an attorney always hire the best. Selecting an attorney like Dan Dekoter who is very skilled will cost you more, but you will likely gain much more from the outcome of your case which will by far make up for the increased expense.