The Right Window For The Right Home

There are dozens of window styles available on the market, with new and innovative designs breaking the status quo of a typical window function each and every year. But there is more to buying windows than simply picking out a design. Certain window styles suit certain homes more than others, so it’s about knowing which type to choose.

By their design, some window styles are more energy-efficient than others. However, thanks to modern techniques and materials, window and door companies are able to create energy-efficient options in any style and any shape. Centennial Windows & Doors, with their use foam-filled vinyl frames and double-paned, low E glass, is one of many companies who combine modern technology with timeless styles.

Your home style will largely dictate what window you should choose, as specific styles will suit the natural flow of your home’s design.

Style: Contemporary

Contemporary homes are typically classified as modern, innovative homes that seamlessly blend inside and outdoors. Using new techniques, these homes strive to be energy-efficient, made with sustainable materials, and operate with as low of a carbon footprint as possible. Seen as the next step towards futuristic homes, this style is as eco-friendly as an average home can get.

Best Window Style: Fixed Picture

In order to complement the blend of nature and man-made that contemporary homes strive for, fixed picture windows are an easy choice. When you’re looking to get new windows for your home remember that the fixed picture window offers seamless views and potential for wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling positioning not only suit the contemporary home aesthetic, but also help the home function at peak energy-efficiency.

Style: Craftsman

Craftsman style homes are simple, low, wide, and put the emphasis on quality craftsmanship and handiwork. A timeless look that remains extremely popular today, craftsman homes are a symbol of stability, incorporating natural materials like stone and wood easily in into the design. A defining feature of this style is a front porch wrapping in front and/or around the building.

Best Window Style: Casement

Much like the craftsman style itself, casement windows are simple in form and function. Their reliable opening mechanism and small profile make them an easy fit with this sturdy home design. Thanks to their easy-to-open functionality, these windows suit any room.

Style: Farmhouse

Farmhouses were created out of a necessity for a functional home that doubled as a welcoming communal space. Taking inspiration from many time period and architectural influences, farmhouse style homes range in features and looks. Some similarities include long, wrapping porches and lots of windows to maximize natural light.

Best Window Style: Double Hung

Double hung windows are the quintessential style for farmhouses. They are a simple, efficient window that not only lets in lots of natural light, but also can be opened to maximize airflow. You’ll often find this style ordaining any and all windows in most farmhouses.

Style: Townhouse

If you’re looking for affordable housing without the responsibilities of a detached home, then townhouses could be what you’re after. Usually featuring multiple units attached in rows, townhouses are larger than an apartment and smaller than most homes, making them a perfect middle-ground for first-time homebuyers.

Best Window Style: Side Slider

Side sliders put all focus on maximum functionality in a slim profile. As the name suggests, these windows open on either side, letting in a controlled balance of sunlight and air. Since townhouses are usually small, side slider windows perform like a full-sized window without taking up as much space.

Style: Victorian

Immediately recognizable thanks to their gothic influence, Victorian homes are a style that defined a generation — and remain popular today. These homes put an emphasis on beauty, rather than focusing on functionality. Ornate features like decorative trim and multi-faceted roofs give this style a definitive and appealing look.

Best Window Style: Bay

Bay windows are a timeless look that can be found in gothic-style buildings around the world. As such, they are a perfect fit with the classic look of a Victorian home. With 3 large windows letting in light, bay windows serve to increase the space inside of the home and add a touch of flair to an already unique home style.

Before you go about replacing a window, it’s important to consider all of your options and realize that some styles work better than others. There are common mistakes that can occur when choosing a replacement window for your home — avoid them by becoming educated first.